The biggest casino robbery in history


The Most Successful Robbery Soboba Casino

In 2007, Soboba employee Rolando L. Ramos and Eric's accomplice Alan Aguilera netted just $1.5 million after a purported heist inspired by the Ocean's 11 movie. his position Ramos is responsible for installing cameras and other security measures. at Las Vegas casinos which is a job that prepares him for the perfect casino robbery. on the day of the robbery The two just walked into the casino. Disabled workers used pepper spray and tied them up. Then he stuffed some cash into his pocket before escaping into his car to escape. They were unable to capture the loot as casino officials were able to alert the police during the robbery, who then arrested Ramos after a brief high-speed chase in the desert where Aguilera initially escaped. was arrested days later after police found $500,000 of stolen cash in his apartment.

The most famous heist, The Bellagio (Bellagio).

Bellagio robs Jose Vigoa along with Luis Suarez and Oscar Sanchez. His accomplice was involved in the infamous robbery at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in 2000. Vigoa was no novice: He had been involved in casino and armored truck thefts before the event…but This time it didn't go according to plan. The trio attempted to steal $160,000 (£110,000), jumping over the cashier's counter to grab the money and chips. Vigoa, an already wanted man, didn't care to wear a mask during the robbery and was seen chasing Sanchez. Two were arrested shortly thereafter. Vigoa was sentenced to life imprisonment four times. ended his career as an armed robber

Crown (Crown Casino)

Casino robbery in Las Vegas Among the many inside jobs, robbing the Crown Casino is undoubtedly one of the highest paying. has announced that he will buy the famous $12,500 cocktail made with Titanic cognac. This was part of an elaborate plot to defraud the casino and acted as a cover as Manning had announced that he would buy a cocktail.

Casino officials immediately placed him under the supervision of VIP service and let him play at high tables. needless to say Cognac has proven to be quite unlucky for casinos. Because Manning attempted to deceive the player for $32 million with "lucky" points as an improbable win. Casino security officers then decided to review the recording. Apparently, one member of the staff of In the greatest theft in history, Crown Casino cut deals with Manning and gave him information about other players' cards. Casino employees were soon fired. And Manning was banned from casinos for life. Because most of the money has not been withdrawn. Manning was then released with a minor penalty.

Circus Circus

Has anyone ever successfully robbed a casino? This heist belongs to the most successful man to date, Circus Circus armored truck driver Heather Tallchief, managed to make $2.5 million one day. Her job is collecting money from the ATM machine. on the day of the robbery She did not show up and drove away with the money in her trunk. Officers were soon warned that a theft had occurred and a search had begun. they never met her It is generally believed that this is not a one-man job. And she teamed up with criminal Roberto Solis Heather Las Vegas Casino Vault. surrendered after twelve years But still couldn't find the money. She left her job serving a five-year prison sentence as she told authorities Roberto fled with only $1,000 left. jose vigo Las Vegas

Successful Robbery The Ritz Club

Famous Casino At the Ritz Casino in London in 2004, two Serbian men and a Hungarian female accomplice played roulette over two days and won £1.3 million. good luck by your side It turns out they used a high-tech laser scanner on their phone linked to a remote computer that predicted the number the ball would land on. This is because it is necessary to analyze the wheel, predict the outcome and communicate all the results in time to be able to place bets. (Within three spins of a roulette wheel) Security experts once believed such a system could not be built. Eventually, the three were caught. But in the later case The judge ruled that they had done nothing illegal. And they had to keep the money unbelievably!


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