What is an unlimited number bet?

What is an unlimited number? For beginners to bet on the lottery, you may need to understand that when betting online lottery Often there are famous numbers from various offices. Whether it's the number one river, the incense number, the Khai, the magic number, which is the number that regular lottery fans tend to bet a lot. Causing many times, online gambling sites do not accept these numbers. because there is a high risk of loss Make these numbers unlimited numbers that sometimes, if correct, will pay only half Or some dealers do not accept at all

Therefore, online gambling websites that accept unlimited numbers are quite rare, but allnewgclub is a website that accepts online lottery betting on the few websites that accept unlimited numbers and pay full amount if they win.

Bet on unlimited numbers, what are the payout rates?

For the online lottery website, there are 2 types of pay rates that are popular among Thai people, but there is no division of pay rates for unlimited numbers like others. Members who bet on unlimited numbers on the website will use the pay rate. the same as normal numbers In case of winning, pay the full amount. which can check the details of the payment rate as follows:

last 3 digits

Pay rate for the last 3 digits, whether unlimited numbers or general numbers Will be at 950 per baht, which, even if betting on unlimited numbers, uses the same payout rate, for example, betting on 3 straight digits, limit number 123, total 100 baht, if won, will receive a total of 95000 baht

last 2 digits

And for the rate of payment, the last 2 digits are the same. There will be a payout rate of 95 per baht, which is considered a higher payout rate than the online lottery payout rate of other websites. With a way of thinking, for example, betting on 2 numbers on the 12th number, a total of 100 baht, if winning, will receive a total of 9500 baht

Unlimited numbers, easy to buy, bet on unlimited numbers, 24 hours a day

For those who have never tried online lottery betting before, betting on unlimited numbers or general numbers can be done through the website by yourself. which must have a member account through applying for 755m and depositing money completely first therefore can start betting online lottery through the website

However, for those who want to bet on unlimited lottery numbers There is no need to bet only on the 1st and the 16th, but you can always bet in advance. You can also bet 24 hours a day, which are the 4 most popular online lottery types as follows:

1. 3 straight numbers – 3 straight numbers are the last 3 numbers of the 1st prize or lottery fans, some people may call it the top 3.

2. Three digits – 3 digits are the same number as the last 3 digits of the 1st prize, but can switch digits, for example playing Tod 123, if the last 3 digits of the 1st prize draw 321, it will be considered a prize.

3. Upper 2 digits – for the last 2 upper digits refer to the last 2 digits of the 1st prize.

4. 2 lower digits – 2 lower digits will be the 2 numbers that are drawn for the last 2 digits normally.

Other lottery bets, can bet on unlimited numbers or not?

In addition to the Thai lottery with unlimited numbers, other lotteries also have popular numbers as well, where can bet on unlimited numbers, but the difference between Thai lottery and other lotteries apart from the form of the lottery There are other interesting details as follows:

1. Hanoi lottery – The obvious difference of Hanoi lottery is in the issue of prize draws. The Hanoi lottery can be bet every day. Prizes are released every day.

2. Malaysian lottery – is another foreign lottery that is fairly popular. Because it can be bet 3 days a week, but for Thai lottery fans, Malay lottery is less popular than the Hanoi lottery.

3. Lao lottery - is a foreign lottery that is quite popular. In the form of a Lao lottery, prizes will be drawn every Wednesday. Which Laos lottery bets are quite easy to understand because there is only 1 award


Betting on unlimited numbers on the website can be done quickly and easily Through the system of membership application and automatic deposit-withdrawal For lottery lovers who are interested in trying to bet on lottery tickets or buy unlimited numbers in each draw, they can apply for membership by themselves through the website. And can claim a special 755m deposit bonus promotion for new members as well.

In addition, for players who have problems with lottery betting, unlimited number betting, can still contact customer service staff 24 hours a day. We have staff to give advice and solve problems. Including being able to suggest comments as well

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