6 countries with the most gambling


1. Australia

Australia is the gambling capital of Europe. who are very passionate about playing gambling games especially during the weekend There will be Australian gamblers. Or from many other countries gathered both in casinos and on online casinos enjoying the game. top gambling that the casino provider has provided that is like this The reason came from betting in australia is legal The state also supports a tax-free winnings policy.

But in fact, for Australia itself, it is considered another country that has problems with Gambling losses are also the worst, with the country having the Biggest gambling loss Because there are a lot of online casinos going on. until at one point the Australian government had to urgently enact a law to regulate online gambling But all of these Australians are still willing to spend their money on gambling games every year.

2. Singapore

Although many countries in almost Asia are still countries where gambling is illegal. But for Singapore, it turns out that Here, one of the countries in Asia that is very strong economically, that is due to being a country that is open to The most popular gambling, in its various forms, is legal. Especially the opening of Marina Bays Sands and Resort World, a luxury casino, plus a Sky Park packed with nightclubs, swimming pools and various entertainment activities. For this reason, there are tourists, the largest gamblers. Many people from all over the world, especially with Asian gamblers. who often flock to Singapore to have fun and hunt for prize money But if Thai gamblers don't want to travel far, we have a way to choose an online gambling website. That allows everyone to play casino games to have fun at home 24 hours a day as well

3. United Kingdom

It may come as a surprise to you. But betting and gambling are legal. If you are over 18 in the UK That's why most of the players in the country are under 21, with the most famous gambling games here. can be called when talking United Kingdom It must be said with one voice that this is a paradise for poker lovers. because there are a lot of places to play poker And there are many people making money playing poker, including the best gamblers in the world. also came from here But it's not the only one. For here, it is still a place that has BIGGEST POKER LOSSES Also, how many people will gamble in the world? to be rich forever Having gains and losses is the truth of life.

Also here is biggest gambling country So if you want to give it a try, you can visit Tower Bridge or go to two famous casinos like Aspers or The Ritz Club.

4. Canada

The second largest country in the world, Canada, is considered a developed country and legal gambling is accepted. Therefore, most Canadians like to play lottery and sports betting for fun and earn extra income. in gambling in canada The average is 18-20 years old with wealth and wealth. The lottery is almost addictive for Canadians. With studies showing that more than 75% of Canadian adults have gambled in some form at least once in their lifetime. Lots of scratch and win games are also popular.

If you're interested in the greatest bets of all time, we recommend Canada's largest casinos, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort and Montreal Casino of Caesars.

5. USA

America is well known for legal gambling and freedom. But even so, in many Each state will have the legality of gambling that varies. But no matter what, this place is still referred to as gambling capital of the world Because it is a destination for gamblers around the world who want to play and hunt for winnings. Especially in Vegas, there are more than 100 casinos ever. known as The best gambling places in the world, including Phil Ivey, the world's best gambler, and famous gambler Billy Waters. Was notified of winning in a casino in Las Vegas. From the United States, that is, the biggest gambler in Vegas. It has a starting point from here.

6. Monaco

If talking about gambling If we didn't mention Monaco, it would be impossible. Because although Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world. But if visiting You will definitely be able to fully enjoy the gambling game.

Monaco's government encourages the use of gambling as a tourist attraction, so it strongly encourages a wide range of gambling games. Biggest Gambling Wins Most of them came from Monaco or even The greatest gambler in the world, Novak Djokovic, is also from here.


For the aforementioned 6 countries that operate casinos properly Both are actually established casinos. It is also a source of online casino services as well, so if you choose the source of fun that you want. Then plan to prepare to pack your bags. But if you don't want to go out You can choose to view websites to play online casino games straight away.

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