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Dragon Tiger


Why Dragon Tiger?

Dragon-Tiger Card Game Introduction

Dragon-Tiger is a type of card game that originated from Cambodia. It was widely popular in Asia and was later played in the online world, where it evolved into an online Dragon-Tiger game that some qualifications are similar to online Baccarat but with higher payout rates.

What is Dragon-Tiger Card Game?

Dragon-Tiger is a card game that can be easily played. The card game has evolved to have quick gameplay by judging from just one card. It is rather different from other card games that are played in online casinos. Thus, gamblers love this game very much as they can have a chance to win multiple rounds from just one card.

How to Play Online Dragon-Tiger

There are not many techniques when playing Dragon-Tiger. To play Dragon-Tiger, you have to make a bet. There are three types of bets, namely, Tiger, Dragon, and Tie (some casinos may offer more options).

To use the Dragon-Tiger formulas, you need to calmly wait for the right time. The game is quick and easy, so each round ends quite fast. The winner can be determined from the points of the card on each side. The dealer will deal for Dragon and Tiger sides a card each. Then, the result is purely considered based on the score on the dealt cards. However, in case that the outcome is a tie, you will lose 50% of the bet for that particular round.

If you place a bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger, the payout is 1:1. If you bet on the Tie, the payout rate is 1:8. With this fun and easy-to-play game, you can play and earn real money with 755m online casino.

Play Dragon-Tiger on Mobile

You have to find a reliable website to play. We recommend the 755m website or the online casino 755m application that allows you to play Dragon-Tiger for free. You can easily play Dragon-Tiger with real money to win real money on the Dragon-Tiger mobile application like Dragon-Tiger iPhone, Dragon Tiger Android, or Dragon Tiger Tablet directly from your phone.


The things that players have to do are to choose the right table and analyze the gameplay as well as the statistic of possibility quickly. This game is recognized as the easiest card game ever due to the simplicity of betting options, and how easy for you to become the next millionaire. Starting your prosperous destiny by registering and playing the game on the 755m website now and you can be our VIP player as well as the richest person in the country. Don’t forget to always follow the instructions on the website for the best game experience. And if you have any inquiries or problems, please feel free to contact 755m customer service 24/7!