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Money Wheel


Why Money Wheel?

Play Money Wheel Casino Game

Play and get a stroke of massive good luck with the online Money Wheel at 755m online casino where players can spin the wheel for free. This Money Wheel Casino Game attracts players, and you can see the difference between the Online Slot and Money Wheel, which there are fewer colors where you can bet on. 

Get to Know Money Wheel

Money Wheel is designed to be colorful. When the wheel starts to spin, the symbols, namely, Fish, Shrimp, Gourd, Crab, Cock, Coin, and numbers are randomly present. The numbers have different payout rates as follows:

The payout rate of Number 1 is 1:1;

The payout rate of Number 2 is 1:2;

The payout rate of Number 9 is 1:9;

The payout rate of Number 16 is 1:16;

The payout rate of Number 24 is 1:24.

How to Play Money Wheel for Real Money 

To play Money Wheel for real money, you have to place a bet on the symbol or number that you want as this game uses animal symbols and numbers in the cast. 

To conclude, the player has to choose a number or a symbol to place a bet in the game. Then, wait and see the outcome of the Money Wheel spinning. With the game style of the Money Wheel from online casino 755m, we assure that every player will surely be excited. The players have to wait for the outcome just for a short time and win the prizes.

Play Money Wheel Easily on Mobile 

Play Money Wheel on all platforms with high-quality websites. All you need is a smartphone with internet access, and you can easily play the Money Wheel game on your mobile. Do not forget that we are here to welcome you as a millionaire. Do not miss the chance to win your money as fast and easy as you wish on your mobile phone today.


However, the gamblers have to assess the risk because the chance to win Money Wheel is more difficult than other types of gambling games. After all, it has higher payout rates than other games, and the winnings are also quite high. The casino is open to new members and is accessible 24 hours a day. If you have any inquiries or problems, please feel free to contact the 755m customer service 24/7!