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Why Poker?

Poker Introduction

Initially, Poker was a popular game among the American soldiers who fought in World War I, and they played it as a way to relax and reduce stress. Also, it was believed that the term ‘poker’ was derived from ‘Poque’ in French. Later, Poker became popular in Asia and was developed as an online Poker game on an online casino that has been played until now. Online casino 755m offers you free poker card games with a guarantee of huge rewards and bonuses.

What is Poker Card Game?

Poker is one of the most classic card games because it is older than other card games. Poker was popular throughout Asia and evolved into today's online poker card game format.

How to Play Online Poker

It is easy to play Poker. All you have to do is registering for membership with 755m, the #1 website to play online Poker in Thailand. There is no minimum or highest bet in the Poker game (for unlimited types). To play Poker for real money, players must be very confident in their cards and analyze the chance that they could win or good at bluffing.

A popular Poker card game is a standard 52-card deck of Texas Poker. You are dealt two cards with five board cards. During the game, the cards in the hand will be combined with the community cards. A community card is showed per round, and in each round, you can choose to continue playing, place bets with chips, or fold. The bets are placed every round among the people who are still in the game.

If many players fold in that round, making you the only raising player, you can win the pot without having to show the cards in your hand. It requires psychology, mental strength, aptitude, and a stable stage of mind to deal with your cards, expression, and movements of other players.

Play Poker on Mobile

Play online Poker on all platforms with high-quality websites. All you need is a smartphone with internet access, and you can easily play Poker on your mobile. Alternatively, you can play Mobile Poker on 755m Application for both iOS and Android systems. 755m has collected all information about Poker for you here together with the detail on how to play Poker step-by-step. For every time that you play, you will certainly have a chance to win real money. Thus, don’t miss a chance and play Poker for real money now!


First of all, no matter you are a professional or an amateur player, you have to get to know this game by learning how to play it and its rules because there are quite a lot of details in playing Poker, and every game is risky. However, 755m is the #1 website for Poker, which always welcomes new members and available for playing 24-hours per day and 365-days per year. If you have any inquiries or problems, please feel free to contact the 755mcustomer service 24/7!