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August Gaming

Traded as Not Disclosed
Year Founded2015
HeadquartersWillemstad, Curacao
ProductsB2B games, online casino, mobile, and video slots


August Gaming, a gaming content company, was established in 2015. Its mission was to showcase the Asia gaming scene to the rest of the world as pertain to gaming and building a formidable iGaming marketplace of the Orient. 

Although it is thriving to establish a stronger hold in the gaming scene, it has succeeded through reliable partnerships with other gaming outlets, including online gaming sites, mobile game companies, and slot games. It has also followed the competitive tight rope of the gaming industry in ensuring that their contents not only meet the consumer’s demands but is accessible on any display media with less interference and distortion to the graphics or compromise on the playability.

Since 2015, this revolutionary casino game software provider has focused on one area, developing a strong portfolio of exciting slot contents with unique Asian themes and scenario that is compatible with most devices. The company has partnered with SoftGamings, WeAreCasino, and Twelve40 to mention but a few. Using HTML5 gaming technology, consumers can enjoy playing their games, regardless of the type of electronic devices been used. Furthermore, in keeping in line with online gaming laws, they are certified as legit, and in compliance with the standards of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, First Cagayan, North Cagayan, and PAGCOR gaming jurisdiction.

Through their revolutionary gaming entertainment solution, August gaming bypassed the tightly knitted video gaming industry into the slots and online games that saw them coming up with content that casinos across the globe want to showcase. This resulted in quite a couple of mergers and partnerships in 2019, including a distribution partnership with SoftGamings that will see August Gaming using their platform to distribute all Asia-based slot game content. This agreement will allow August Gaming to extend their content to Europe and CIS markets.

In December 2019, they broke the news of collaborating with WeAreCasino, another top online casino gaming provider where all HTML5 slot games patented to August Gaming will be available for online players who want to play their games on the platform.

Before their collaboration with WeAreCasino, August Gaming had been in a partnership discussion with another mega name in the gaming world, Twelve40, where their HTML5 slot games are seamlessly integrated into the system and clients can enjoy on any display device including PCs, tablets, smartphone, and others. Their games will also be available on all subsidiaries that use Twelve40’s platform to advertise or market a game content.

This has been a tremendous achievement for the company as their dream of consumers been able to access their content over mobile devices has been checked out. With that said the company is known to work with the best in the gaming industry where knowledge and skills are combined to produce intriguing content that dazzles the imagination and excite them simultaneously.

Currently, very little is known about the internal workings of August Gaming, but their games obviously say a lot as they are simply marvelous. Hence we assume that revenue generation is consistent, especially as they partner and collaborate with the big names in slot online gaming.

However, to the credit of the company, they have over 18 slot games that can be played anywhere in the world on most devices but even better on mobile phones. August Gaming is not the largest of the slot gaming companies on the market, if a measurement is done, they would be in the lower half by size. Their advantage to online slot companies is their exquisite details and graphics design content that keep the market exciting. Furthermore, they have been able to go round the hiccups of the industry and use creative content as a winning point through top-notch online slot machines with Asia based theme.

August Gaming is a developer and supplier of its services to other software providers like full-cycle development, who are also in the bid to revolutionize the slot gaming industry. August Gaming is experimenting with different frameworks and by releasing slots with 3 x3, 5 x 3, and 5 x 4, they are giving players multiple choices, better winning opportunities with bonus features that will keep you glued to their games.


Twelve40 is August Gaming slot game platform, a mobile gaming platform that allows players instant access to their games. The partnership agreement to go live on Twelve40 occurred in October 2019 when August Gaming launched its HTML5 slot games on the platform. Another platform is WeAreCasino, a leading online slot gaming site will be receiving a bulk supply of August Gaming slot games that can be played on the platform too. Each of these sites has its dashboard and how the games will appear on the sites, but players will enjoy stable, fast-loading, and more interesting games by August Gaming. Twelve40’s decades of software development expertise and the vast experience in the market makes them an excellent terminal for August Gaming slot games to run successfully.


Top August Gaming Slot Games

Although they are new to the gaming industry, their passion to reinvent and recreate sets them apart. Been an upcoming software developer, they have managed to create a niche for themselves with over 18 fascinating games that are part of the growing portfolio. Even though the games are Asian themed, they have managed to use amazing graphics, details, and colors to build exciting scenes that take players on an exploration through Asia.

Lucky Kids

his game showcases rich Chinese traditions of living in a space where all our troubles and worries vanish into thin air. The 5 by 3 grid gives you a total of 243 ways to win with stakes starting at 0.25 to 100 Euros. To play, hold the spin for a couple of seconds, release, and watch the slot roll. To stop, tap the button again to reveal if you are a winner or need to try again. Overall it is a spectacular and exciting game that calms the soul and music that soothes the mind.

Lucky Panda

If you like taking chances, then you will have 1024 incredible ways to win with Lucky Panda in this 5 by 4 reel of bright, bold, and beautiful symbols. Some familiar things you will notice are the lush green bamboo vegetation, the elegant lotus flower, and of course, the star of the slot a panda. The best part of this slot game is the multiplier effect of your bet. Lucky panda has a tiny starting fee if you decide not to play for free and a winning bonus of up to 300 times your winnings if you play with some cash per payline. Hopefully, you don’t cause any chaos when you win.

The Magic Lamp

Follow Aladdin in the enchanted world of different colors, shapes, and multiply your winning by getting matching colors and shapes, or if you are really lucky to score a wild when Aladdin pops up to multiply your winnings. The game is 3 by 5 reels with 30 lines and a multiplier effect of 4 as you spin your way to success. Overall, the game has retained the colorful scene, and music synonymous with August Gaming. It is fun to play or watch others roll the slots to magical earnings.

Hail the Emperor

Okay, you don’t have to be vast in Chinese culture and politics to know that the emperor owns most of the wealth and riches in the kingdom. Now some of this wealth can be yours in this 3 by 5 reel, 25 line slot game from August Gaming. Whether you are playing the free version or dropping some currency to win more, if you are lucky to get a seal of approval from the emperor, you will get a dozen free games that could boost your game and push you closer to incredible earning. Overall, it is a fun game to win big just by Hailing the Emperor.


Super Fruit

Everyone loves fruits and August Gaming just arranged some really tasty ones on the slot game. Taking the form of a simple, minimalist, and classic slot design, this game slot is a 3 by 3 reel with 8 lines that showcases a wide range of fruit. Like most three by three slot games, the aim is the clear a roll of identical fruits or uses the grenade to remove a portion and win a bonus. Overall, it is a well-executed game that anyone can play for hours un-end, and if your lucky stars are bright enough, you should win large earnings with a grenade blast along with the reel.

King Kong

Although many game developers have made this game, you should try this version by August Gaming, even though we love the original King Kong (the movie, can’t remember if he ate bananas though), this is a very good rendition of the ape with some oriental flavors. The game is a 3 by 5 reel with 243 chances to score big or come back another day by offering him fruits, you win more. However, if you are lucky to get a visit from angry Kong, you will be shaking down your slot column for some pretty mouth-watering win. Overall, this is a slot game with great graphics, music, and modes of play, which is why you should try it out today.

5 Blessings

We don’t know about you, but if winning is your thing, then join us as we take over this amazing offer by August Gaming in more ways than one. If nothing will make you play this slot game, the multiplying effect on this game should, they will leave you in awe. This 3 by 5 reel offers you 243 winning channels to enjoy astonishing bonuses and spin to boost your earning, but that is not all 5 Blessing offer. The game has the most mouth-watering 2-figure multiplier of multiplying your winnings 81 times for the jackpot. So if you like spinning the dice, cranking the handlebar, or saying a silent prayer for winning at a casino slot machine, try out 5 Blessings today and change your winning streak forever.