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Caleta Gaming

TypePrivate Held
Traded asUnavailable
IndustryGambling and Casinos
HeadquartersLondon, Greater London
Other officesFlorianópolis, Brazil and Gibraltar
Key PeoplePaulo Nova, Alex Bonfim


Caleta Gaming is one of the most innovative companies in the development of premium mobile gaming and virtual calm. The roots of Caleta Gaming came into existence in the year 2013. Since that point in time, the company is under its authority and making world-class games. The headquarters of this company came into reality at the location of London, more specifically, Greater London. There were a small number of squad members in earlier times. But, with time, there was a drastic growth in the company. Therefore, the current strength took a boost to about eleven to fifty employees.

 Since the very early times, the company is dealing with a lot of involvement in the creative industry. They have been busy when it comes to designing for a very long time. The creation of the HTML5 gaming platform has been a significant advantage and the game-changer for this business. More specifically, it can help and proceed in the publishing of games on the mobile platform.

 The company also has some of its touches to the land of Brazil. Hence in the latest occasion, the company has given a breakthrough in the launching of thirty-eight games on HTML5 of the social casino origin. Moreover, in the current day to day timeline, there was a launch of 12 bingo titles, 21 slot machine games, and a single lotto game. The mainstream thought behind all this is the creation of a web of fun games and amusements that can be easily in play on PCs and portable internet.


The operational strategy Caleta Gaming follows is exceptional and unique. Moreover, there are numerous qualities and feedbacks present in this company, making it a leading player. If you are taking a closer look at this company, you will get to know some of the fantastic facts. Caleta Gaming has specialization in the production of the games that are of numerous types. These include the Land-Based Games, Real money games, Lottery, HTML5, Slots, Poker, and many more. Even they have their feet in the arena of casino gaming and gambling.

 Various areas where you can find the operational working of Caleta Gaming are variable and exciting. They are a leading involving the team in the arenas of game development, platform integration, flash conversions to HTML5, and Game design and mathematics. Also, they have a fantastic grip on Art and sound design and customer and technical support.


Top Caleta Gaming Slots


Hey there! Keep a firm grip on your hats and mats; it's the time to catch the fantastic cash. Yes! This is the Hurricash. The wind is blowing away the money substantial; make sure you pick the most out of it before it leaves you away to someone else. Your responsibility is also to help Meg in taking care of the animals running around. You can be a more magnificent winner if your luck goes in synch with the windmill cash bonus. Various special features that are present in this game are Locking symbols with Re-Spin, Bonus Wheel, and the Lucky Symbols. There are 9 spot reels and no lines are present. So, the one thing to make you win is there should be 3 or more special symbols to appear on reels and double your bet.

Vegas Baby

Just play a single spin at first and be the ultimate fan of Vegas Baby. At just a unique turn, you will get the feeling of being in the heart of the place. You can get all the feelings of being in Vegas with just a single click. The game is full of gambling, glamour, love, and the most special happy hour wheel of bonus. There is no closure here, and also you may unlock some special symbols. Various special features that are present in this game are Locking symbols with Re-Spin, Bonus Wheel, and the Lucky Symbols. There are 9 spot reels and no lines are present. 

Village brewery

Have you ever thought of yourself going to a Beer Festival or any other places similar to that? Now you have all the choices and chances to go to that place. In the game of Village Brewery, all you can get is beer, beer, and a lot of beer. In the form of their homeland clothing, the two main protagonists will help you to achieve all the bonus barrels and then use them according to your requirements. Moreover, avoid drinking too much of it. Here in this slot, you are going to get an amazing beer bonus round. There are 9 lines and three reels that are present here which can help you win a lot. 

Frozen fluffies

You must take into consideration to warm up thoroughly before getting into this game. The theme and the behind network of this game are in the freezing arctic. You can get all the warming up regime by the fluffies present in the game. There is a lot to discover in this game, and there are cuddly penguins and some icy big polar bears that are making this game fun. There is an excellent opportunity to win a lot of things using some great spins and chilling sources of multipliers. The major features that are present in this slot are single pick pre-free spin bonus, and free spin with multipliers. There are fifty lines and five reels that are a major part of this game.

Wild fruit

Now you have the chance to get some of the most amazing and tasty nutritious offerings in the game of wild fruit. You have the perfect platform for having a healthy diet and also making a substantial amount of money while playing this game. No one can overlook the opportunities that are present in this game. You have to be incorporation with a number of the fruit typescript and make the spell FRUIT work in a perfect regime.

You can surely keep things beautiful and healthy; get some fantastic bonus points and rounds as it is the right opportunity to get your fruits back to you. Get in the place for the juicy berries and all the mouth-watering cherries along with all the bonus options that are present. Major features that are present in this game are free spins and Pick and collect. Thirty lines and five spins make it a great experience.