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Casino Bonuses Guide


Online Casino Bonuses and promotions

Different casino bonuses can be presented as massive amounts of money that can make you a bigger profit. Although this is sometimes true, there are different requirements that can make the bonuses tricky - some you are only allowed to use on a certain game, some have maximum bet per game limit, some have a wager policy or a time limit that makes it impossible for you to win as much money to be able to withdraw the big sum you get.

Bonus types

When it comes to online casino bonuses, we can divide them into basic types: deposit bonuses, no deposit (free) bonuses, special bonuses, and free spins. Sometimes the best bonuses come within a promotion that the casino presents in a campaign to celebrate a holiday or a launch of a new game. Here is our list of bonus types and what you should know about them.

Deposit bonus

What does a deposit bonus mean? This is the bonus you receive from a casino when placing a deposit - extra gambling money, under certain conditions. Bonus money is not the money you can withdraw from your account, this is the “chip” you can only use for playing games. Let’s say a casino offers 200% bonus money up to 3.000 THB (20 times wager). This practically means that for any amount of the deposit you place, you receive 200% of that money (twice as much) as a casino bonus. However, if you deposit more than 1.500 THB, your bonus will still be 3.000 THB, since this is the maximum bonus amount. The wagering requirement describes how much money you should bet within the bonus you got before you can withdraw the money you won. 20 times wager condition means that you should gamble 20 times the amount of the bonus (20 times 3.000 THB = 60.000 THB) before you can send a withdrawal request.

Deposit bonuses are the most common ones, and they also come in various promotion styles - as a welcome bonus, birthday bonus, game bonus, or others.

Free spins

If you are rather a slot game fan, then free spins are always good news for you. The conditions for free spins are much more flexible, and this bonus usually refers to new players or the promotion of a new slot game. The conditions to use free spins are time-bound, which would mean you have to spin 10 free spins within a week before they expire, and you can also spin only certain games included in a promotion. The plus side is that you can easily withdraw your money - you just place a deposit and wager one time, and voila! - money is on your account.


Welcome bonus

Nothing says “Welcome to the party!” as a nice gift with a bow. Every decent casino has a warm and generous bonus to welcome new online players. A welcome bonus is a one-time present you receive, either as a deposit or no deposit bonus, the moment you sign up as a member of an online gambling community.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonus is a deposit bonus that comes within a casino promotion, a special promo code, or a bonus for new players at an online casino. This is a bonus reward for loyal players, but also for the members that aren't active gamblers. It is essentially a deposit bonus, and it also works with a wager and other requirements.

Game bonuses 

Sometimes a casino launches new games and offers special bonuses that you can use for playing these games. Game bonuses are also offered for popular games, such as baccarat and blackjack, and they usually work on the principle of a deposit bonus, up to 150% - 200%. 755m casino, for example, also offers bonuses for pokdeng, fishing, and shooting games. Aside from the deposit game bonuses, you can often get free spins for new slots.

Live Casino Bonuses

When you gamble in an online casino in real-time, with a live dealer, then you can come across specific bonuses that apply to the live games. Live gambling is a real-life casino experience, only better since you can get cashback or other bonuses to make the stakes higher and the game more interesting.


Online casinos can organize tournaments for players to compete among themselves for a prize. The tournament rewards are often quite big, and this makes the game even more intense than usual. Tournaments are not as frequent as other types of bonuses we have listed here, but it is worth rolling in when you come across one. Pay attention to the conditions of participation, as they can vary from casino to casino.

VIP Bonuses

When a casino has a VIP lounge, that means they know how to best treat their elite players. You can earn a VIP membership as a loyal gambler in your favorite casino when you make large revenues in your games. The casino then rewards you with special bonuses and promotions to help you score more money in the games. VIP players get better terms in bonuses and promotions, they get better wagering requirements and cashbacks, and sometimes you can receive loyalty bonus points that you can cash as gambling money.

VIP players get better birthday bonuses as well, with a personalized touch. Sounds interesting? Sign up to become an 755m VIP member, and enjoy the benefits you deserve!

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bonuses

There are certain bonuses that are repetitive, and which you can score once a day, week, or month. The aim of these bonuses, as with all the others, is to attract players to visit the casino and play games more often. To become eligible for these repetitive bonuses, you must visit the casino on certain days, or play specific games. Anyhow, it is easy to become eligible for these, and they can be a real treat for passionate gamblers.


Exclusive Casino Bonuses

These are super special casino bonuses that are offered only to some players. These come under their own conditions, and you can become eligible if you fulfill a betting requirement, or you can simply receive a promo code to your inbox. These bonuses often come under much better terms, and their benefits are usually higher. Either way of looking at it, the message online casinos are sending is to play the online games to get lucky and win special casino treats.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

If you gamble quite a bit, deposit a lot of money, and are making a lot of money, then perhaps you are a High Roller. To attract High Roller type of players, there are all kinds of bonuses pointed at their direction, that an online casino is willing to buy them with. Sometimes the High Roller program is simple extra cashback or smaller wager, although sometimes there are complex bonus systems for players to win points, level-up, and accept a certain challenge.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

These bonuses are a way of a casino to stay up to date with the latest technology trends. Mobile casinos are mobile friendly adaptations, that enable users to play games anytime and anywhere. To promote this way of gambling, casinos also offer specific bonuses focused on the mobile casino gamblers. These bonuses are usually one of the aforementioned types, only it is designed to only be available for gambling on a mobile device.

NetEnt Bonuses

When a casino has a good collaboration with top game providers, such as NetEnt, then it is not rare that the company offers attractive bonuses for the casino members. NetEnt is a gaming giant with the best quality games, which makes them favorite among the gamblers. They offer different bonus types: free spins, deposit, and no deposit bonuses, and reward bonuses for the best players.

Other gaming providers, such as Microgaming, also know to pleasantly surprise the gamblers in the online casinos they collaborate with, such as 755m.com. Microgaming is the one to showcase new slot games with free spins, which is quite a delight.

New Casino Bonuses

An emerging online casino is always a goldmine when it comes to bonuses available. To gain their first players and build up from scratch, new casinos can be very, very generous. There are even communities of gamblers that only map the new casinos on the market and join in for the free spins and no deposit bonuses. With online casinos, all bonus conditions are more profitable - you get more spins than usual, while the no deposit bonus has a lighter wager policy.

Birthday bonuses

Everybody likes it when people remember our birthdays. But everybody LOVES birthday gifts. When you are a member of a casino community, your birthday will never be forgotten. At 755m casino, all members are awarded special bonuses on their birthdays, according to the games they play the most. Any casino worth your attention should have the same policy, and a great customer support system overall.

Bonuses for old clients

All good online casinos have a profound loyalty program for the most frequent clients and the clients that have been members for a long time. If you are a loyal member, you are more likely to get special offers and better deals on every bonus type available in the casino.

Free Credits

Free credit is essentially a no deposit bonus, meaning you receive the “chips” for gambling without making a deposit first. These are most common to attract new gamblers in a freshly opened casino, but they are also popular treats for loyal members, VIPs, and High Rollers. However, when getting a free credit bonus, pay attention to the wagering policy and other conditions such as the time limit and the betting limit, as sometimes these are tricky and you cannot actually make any profit from it.


The cashback is super attractive for the gamblers, as the basic principle is to have the percentage of the money you bet back to your account. Cashback is often included in the promotions that apply to the old clients and High Rollers, as well as special treats for birthday bonuses, etc.

If you are a fan of casino bonuses, and why wouldn’t you be, there are many things to consider when choosing the casino that will treat you best. Some gamblers like to check out every new casino as soon as it opens, while others find the one they like, and stick to it. When we compare these two, it is easy to realize that loyalty programs and VIP memberships that you get as a one-casino user are way more profitable in the long run.

When choosing a casino, pay attention to the wagering policy and their terms and conditions, as these can vary a lot between online casinos on the web.

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