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Type Private
Traded asLSE: PTEC
Industry Software
HeadquartersTaipei, Taiwan
Products video slots, poker games, arcade, slot games

History of CQ9

CQ9 is one of the best slot games providers in Asia regardless of its inception just the other day. It was founded in 2016, so it’s among the newest and the most loved brands in the gambling market. However, its remarkable growth over such a short span is something not to be overlooked since the company is truly committed in its mandate of offering the best slot games in the world. The site has over the years integrated high-quality game effects and spectacular music themes in the Asian lively culture to ensure that the players are fully entertained. This has made the players have a wonderful gaming experience as well as outstanding gameplay in all its slot games.


 In 2018, Slategrator, an international software company, collaborated with CQ9 to provide more than 100 slots in over 1500 gaming sites globally. This saw the company spread in operations plus popularity in the whole wide world.

Global Laboratories International (GLI), an international laboratory vendor tests, approves and provides certificates for all the games in the CQ9 site. Through it, CQ9 sees to it that approved slot games are availed in the market in the best quality and form. Integrating GLI in its assessments means that the company’s products are of international standards, thus not giving players issues. This organization also customizes slot games to the needs of the Asian players. So, every player chooses what suits them best in matters of themes, graphics, background music, among other features.

Advantages of CQ9

You can easily access high-quality slot games through the support of HTML5 technology which is also one of the spectacular features in the CQ9 company. Compared to its competitors, CQ9 offers better odds which always guarantee amazing payouts and sure winnings. Players are more excited to play slots from this provider as they get maximum fun and opportunities to take advantage of friendly bonuses. On top of that, games in CQ9 power up in microseconds displaying beautiful images and other exceptional gaming features. Hence, players don’t have to waste time waiting for the site to load up so they can enjoy their slot games. Surely, the game has evolved in bounds over time by developing other great features that support the players in their gambling journey.

Spreading to other markets

This company has gained popularity and is currently spreading its operations to European and American markets, thanks to its upgrade to international standards alongside a partnership with global software giants. Gone are the days when it was available only in Asia due to limits like being Curacao-licensed. Hence, gamblers all over the world are seeking to get slot games from this game provider to enjoy maximum gambling online slots. Another reason for CQ9’s international acclaim is its partnership with top Western software providers like Microgaming, Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play, and NetEnt. International gamblers are free to get the CQ9 gaming experience through its offering of unique and word-class slot games.

Since 2016 when the company came into existence, it has worked hard to find a place in the already established gambling industry in Asia. To achieve this, CQ9 gained safety and security certificates in all the games it produced. It’s also licensed by Curacao to ensure that all the players have secure gameplay while playing online slots.


Top 6 CQ9 Slots Games

CQ9 is one of the top Asia’s slot games’ developers that developed a few years back. Its 200 skilled professionals who include mathematicians, designers, engineers, and software developers are committed to making exceptional iGaming products that suit every player’s needs and preferences. As a result, the company has a competitive advantage of expertise in offering world-class products in the gambling arena, especially unique slot games.

100+ slot games

CQ9 offers amazing games like CQ9 Apollo, Wild Magic, High Jump, Chameleon, Lotus, Love Night, Football Jersey, Magic World, Mahjong King, God of War, Rave Jump, Zeus, Fire Chibi, Gu Gu Gu, among others. In fact, the company has a standing of 100+ slot games- a sign that it’s growing rapidly. All these games support many currencies and a plethora of languages in delivering great fun to players internationally. As a result, there’s a high demand for CQ9 slot games around the globe, for players who want an adventure of the best games around. Similarly, slot games from CQ9 have unique graphics, user-friendly interfaces, and detailed characters, which place you in a better position to enjoy the slots. 

Outstanding features in CQ9

CQ9 is, therefore, one of the game-changers in the gambling industry by offering one-of-a-kind slot games online. It’s also worth noting that CQ9 stands out from its competitors because of its remarkable features such as usual wilds, scatters, bonus games, instant wins, and updated graphics. CQ9 accommodates first-timers and veterans because of offering the free and real money options which suit either of them. The excellent themes include disco, club music, historic battles, Chinese mythological figures (Wukong, Island Paradises, high stakes football games, science fiction adventures, and Greek or Roman gods. Every of this theme gives you the best times enjoying the slots.

Here are some of the top slot games in CQ9

Jump High

Enjoy having a great pastime playing a top game in CQ9 offering a 243 pay line, 5 reel slots and a neon dance club theme. The game has put together ace, king, queen, and jack features hence rated among the best for you. You are comfortable to play in Jump High because of its excellent gaming features. For instance, the easy wagering allows wagers of as low as $0.50 to wagers of as high as $300. Thus, you will not be closed out from enjoying this interesting CQ9 game slot. 

Nothing beats its great wild symbols depicting the game’s logo alongside the values thus increasing your chances of winning. Similarly, the scatter symbol containing a gold disco ball increase winnings and has a possible higher payout. This is because the gold disco ball can be spread out the slot screen to secure big wins. Do you like big amounts of credit for your slot games? Jump High has a free credit feature designed just for you. Through this feature, you can easily place the gold disco ball on all the 5 slot reels and enjoy a very good payout.

 Jump High qualifies for a five-star rating for its spectacular features, thus it’s one of the most popular CQ9 slot games.


Well, the probabilities of winning in this game are quite high with the 243 paylines and 5 game reels. The game offers an opportunity to play for real money or for free, thus never denying you a moment of entertainment. 

This game’s color features depict the feeling of nature and those pretty colors are the reason behind its great name. A blend of yellow, blue, red, green, and purple lizards attracts you to try your luck in the CQ9 chameleon slot game. Integrating the ace, king, jack, and queen, this game qualifies for a higher rating than its competitors. Also, the wide range of spins from 0.5 coins to 300 coins attracts you when you have enough money to play with, and when you don’t. 

Chameleon has also not been left out by the feature of bonus rounds as with many online slot games. The bonus slot games here better your chances of making big winnings and this feature is the best among all the rest. After all, bonus games are part and parcel of modern casinos as they add awesome characters that better the game.

Love Night

Do you like a romance feel on your online slot games? Love Night is the game for you. The love-themed slot will not disappoint you in your quest for happiness while playing, alongside looking for a soul mate. To win in the game and possibly enjoy alone time, you have to break the levels consisting of fine wine, golden jewelry, delicious flowers, and chocolates. 

Love Night’s bonuses are also something to be proud of. Its Wild Symbol feature entails regular symbols that are wonderfully presented in the slot to entice players. In the same vein, every Love Night spin is loaded with an additional Wild Symbol. This motivates players to try their luck in getting three or even more of Love Night’s scatter symbols.