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Deposit Bonus Guide


Guide on first deposit bonus with 755m

Are you looking for a way to maximize your experience in an online casino with the deposit bonuses? Here is what you should know about seizing your first deposit bonus.

What is a deposit bonus

As you could have guessed by its name - the deposit bonus is a bonus related to making a deposit at a casino. Many online casinos offer an exhaustive amount of deposit bonuses, which represents virtual money that you can use for gambling, but not to actually withdraw. The deposit bonus is often given to attract new players, although it is frequent for the loyal players as well, as a treat to keep them in the game.

All new online casinos give deposit bonuses, but they are not all very profitable for the gambler. Therefore, in this article, we will cover the main aspects you should consider when looking into different deposit bonuses.

The bonus amount

The casinos offer a specific percentage of the bonus up to a certain limit - for example, a 200% bonus up to 3000 THB would mean that for a deposit of 1500 THB you receive 2 times the amount - 3000 THB bonus money.

Wagering requirements

The casino does not let you withdraw the bonus straight away, this is the money that you are supposed to spend in the casino on gambling, and there are specific requirements for withdrawal. If let's say, the wagering requirement is 10 times the bonus money, this would mean you can withdraw only when you bet at least 30.000 THB (10 times 3000 THB) before you can send a withdrawal request.

Deposit bonus for certain games

Sometimes the deposit bonus is offered for new games, or specific games the casino has. Usually, there is a 100% wager on slots, and sometimes more for the jackpot or different special slots. Live dealer table games are not offering as much, and sometimes there are no deposit bonuses on the menu.

The time limit for the wager

A casino can have terms for each deposit, like in which time period you need to wager your bonus money. For example, if there is an ongoing promotion of a new game for which they give a deposit bonus, you should wager the bonus money while the promotion is ongoing, eg one month.

Maximum bet

Another condition you can come across is how much you can bet per spin in a slot game - when gambling bonus money you can be required to bet up to a certain amount (max bet of 150 THB per spin).


Wagering bonus in casino

Wagering requirements can often be tricky, meaning that the bonus sum is quite big, but to be able to withdraw you need to gamble a lot of money. The first question you need to ask yourself before aiming for the casino bonus is how much you actually want to gamble and how much you are willing to deposit. If the bonus amount is very high, and the wagering requirements are high to reach, then you don't really profit as fast as you would like. You should also pay attention to which games the bonus refers to, as you might only be able to spend it on one game.

Let's calculate if a bonus pays off on an extreme example - the high and rare casino bonus of 500% up to 15.000 THB with a 20 times wager requirement. If the maximum amount is 15.000 THB, it means you should deposit 3.000 THB to get the highest bonus. If you deposit more than 3.000 THB, you would still get a 15.000 THB bonus, as this is the highest amount the casino would give you. If the wagering is 20 times the bonus money, this practically means you have to bet 150.000 THB in total before you can withdraw your money. 20 times wager is a small wager number, and you can often come across to a higher number, which makes it even harder to withdraw real money to your account, especially if you are time-bound with only a week, for example. This would make it almost impossible to withdraw money in time, so you really need to ask yourself if this bonus is worth your deposit at all.

How to calculate deposit bonus

If you are new in an online casino, and you just started receiving deposit bonuses, you can be overwhelmed by the numbers and percentages, that make it hard for you to coordinate. Luckily, there is an easy formula to calculate your bonuses when the numbers rise and know how much you should deposit to get the maximum bonus lump sum. Follow the step by step guide:

-Let's say the bonus is 125% up to 3.000 THB

-The maximum bonus available is 3.000 THB

-Write the percentage like this: 1.25 - split the decimal points

-Divide 3.000 THB by 1.25 (3.000/1.25 = 2.400 THB)

-What you need to deposit to get 3.000 THB full bonus is 2.400 THB.

If the bonus is 50%, then you divide by 0.5, if it is 100% then you divide with 1, etc. This is a simple formula to win the biggest bonus amount in an online casino, that you can easily apply anytime you are about to place your deposit.


Deposit bonus with 755m - honest review

755m online casino offers frequent bonuses and promotions, especially when launching new games. For different slots, you can also see different types of deposit bonuses that you should consider if you want to spin that particular slot. Let's review the ongoing promotions available on the 755m promotion page.

Up to 3.000 on firsts deposit bonus

This bonus is available in THB currency, and it is for the players who are placing their deposits for the first time in 755m casino. The minimum deposit amount you should place is 500 THB in order to be eligible to receive the bonus. The bonus is calculated from your deposit, and you receive it straight away once you invest the money. There are no time limitations for when you should spend the money, nor there is a limit to which games you can play, which is really good for new-time players, meaning you can play any games of your choice and explore the offer on the website. For you to be able to withdraw the money, you should play a total of 20 times the deposit plus the deposit bonus, but since the amount in total is not too big, it should be easy for you to quickly cash the money.

2nd deposit promotion

After you have placed your first, there is a bonus for the second time you make your deposit. It is a 50% bonus, up to 3.000 THB, with a minimum deposit of 500 THB. In order to get the maximum bonus amount under these terms, it means you should deposit a 6000 THB (3.000 / 0.5 = 6.000), and the turnover you should make to receive this money on your account is a total of 180.000 THB (the wager is 20 times the deposit plus the bonus, meaning 20 x 6.000 + 3.000 in the maximum bonus scenario). If this is too much for you to spend, you can always place a smaller deposit, and withdraw money sooner.

3rd deposit bonus

This is also the 50% bonus up to 3.000 THB with a minimum deposit amount of 500 THB. The wager is 20 times, and everything stays the same as for the second deposit bonus.

755m casino bonuses offer generous amounts, and the more you are willing to gamble, the more money you can make. There are no restrictions regarding the time or the games you play, which is really good compared to the other casino bonuses.

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