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TypePrivately Held
HeadquartersMalta, Malta
Year Founded2012
IndustriesInformation Technology and Services

The foundation stone of this company came in the year 2012. There are various places in the world where this gaming company has its feet. These places include places such as Kyiv, Sofia, Manila, and Johannesburg.

 Moreover, the company presents the one to one services to the clients who need their service. Since its establishment, the company has come out with numerous innovations to emerge out in the market as a leading potential to provide the best in class slot games.

 The company has risen to new heights, especially in the Asian and European markets. The company has just started.

 In the coming years, if everything goes in a proper manner and direction, there will be a dramatic rise in their working and the way they will be producing games all around the world. You are going to find their tailored games in around numerous parts of the world and their respective casinos.

It is important that we must understand it quite well and fast as to what is the secret of the success of a company. One of the crucial parts and that is important for the success of a company is the ability of their games to adapt to the crowd's interests.

 Therefore, it is mandatory that the slots and the casinos must accept the payment in numerous currencies around the globe. Hence, it is mandatory that the games must have the interface that the users should not feel foreign.

Therefore, with the same consideration in mind, Habanero is making ensuring that they spread their games all around the world. Moreover, there is an adaptation of these games in numerous languages ​​as English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and much more.

 Are you keen to know more about this company? Then, you must be in touch with their casino games and slot machines. There is a wide variety of games that are present here that you can play on the end number of platforms. The working and the gameplay of these games take place in the HTML 5 adaptation in mobile phones.

You can get to see a high level of modernization in their games that they present to you. There is a large assortment of games and themes that they follow. It ensures that people of every taste admire their gameplay and love to be a part of them.

In addition, players are going to find many features in their games that can take them to a bonus position. There are 18 pay lines slots of videos taking you to the early China scenario. There are many 3x score boosters and many more.


Outstanding Game

Bird of Thunder

 For the game that we are about to introduce here, you won't even need to use your imagination too much. Bird of Thunder by Habanero is a video slot game where the beauty of the graphics does all the work, taking you to the heart of the Rocky Mountains to discover some of the most iconic Native American traditions.

 Top Best Habanero Slot Games

 12 Zodiacs

 In the market, people are finding slot games that have a bit of Chinese background behind them. The adventure that is present on these slots attracts people and gamers from every part of the scenario.

 There is an ancient Chinese culture that reflects in this game that provides users an amazing chance to play. 12 Zodiacs certainly bet a lot on its graphic quality to attract potential players, and the result turns out to be more than satisfying.

The whole background of the amusement is close to the entrance of an imposing temple lost in the clouds. Two massive statues flank the reels, and you can catch a glimpse of the tiled roof a little further. 12 Zodiacs surely know how to make an impression right from the start.

 The sound effects and music were also specially created for the game so as to evoke Chinese folklore without falling into the usual clichés. The final product is both tasteful and quite memorable, and at this point, you are probably dying to learn how to actually play the game.

12 Zodiacs still have a couple of extra features that you certainly do not want to miss on.

 The full moon symbol, for instance, is the wild card of the game. Use it to replace any of the zodiac symbols listed above in order to complete one or more extra combinations across the reels. There is no easier way to score some extra wins for no extra cost.

The paper lantern icon is a scatter, which means that you do not need to worry about alignment here. Land at least three of them on the reels at the same time to trigger a six free spin extra round. Though a classic move, sometimes a few free spins are all you need to top up your credit total and hit the jackpot without having to put anything extra on the table.

The paytable of 12 Zodiacs is entirely dedicated to the twelve animals that are traditionally present in Chinese horoscopes.

Monkeys, rat, ox, hares, pig, goat, dog, rooster, snake, dragon, tiger, and horse, all you need is land three or more of them on a pay line to win the cash prize associated with them.

 As the title suggests, combinations in 12 Zodiacs pay both ways. In other words, this means that you can win from combinations landing anywhere on the screen and not just those starting from the left. This might not seem like a big difference, but the game will thus give you many more occasions to win big in the long term.

Do not be intimidated by the rather imposing command bar below the reels of 12 Zodiacs. Getting started is actually easier than it looks.

The game matrix is ​​a standard 5x3 setup, that is to say, five reels with three symbol positions on each, paired with and an odd 18 pay line system. Use the various and buttons to customize your settings and set up the exact wager you want for the next spin. Hit play once you are ready, and check out if winning combinations land on activated pay lines. After a win, you can click the gamble shortcut and play an optional mini-game that can help you augment your incentive, even auxiliary.

In order to speed up the process and play several spins in a row, try the autoplay game mode. Choose how maybe spins you want to bet on and let the ball rolling. All winnings will be added to your collection as you go.

 Bird of Thunder

For the game that we are about to introduce here, you won't even need to use your imagination too much. Bird of Thunder by Habanero is a video slot game where the beauty of the graphics does all the work, taking you to the heart of the Rocky Mountains to discover some of the most iconic Native American traditions.

On top of these beautiful settings, you get to have fun with some classic yet efficient additional benefit features in Bird of Thunder as well. Keep the reels spinning long enough, and you might even stumble upon a mystery jackpot. Let's see how you can amplify your likelihood of winning big with our complete review of the free Bird of Thunder slot.

 Bird of Thunder tries to impress players right from the start, and we have to say that the trick worked on us perfectly. The entire background shows a vast expanse of arid desert, with canyons and red rock formations shining under the scorching sun. The reels and command bar in the foreground look as if carved out of wood, with two giant, painted totems flanking them.

The Habanero team did a very impressive job designing Bird of Thunder video slot. Even the reel animations are fluid, and the reel signs themselves never break character, offering players the complete experience. Nothing bad to say so far, so let's dig deeper to see how Bird of Thunder actually behaves once you start betting.

The first noticeable game characteristic of Bird Of Thunder is its betting range, spanning from 30 to 7500 coins per spin. This lets all players, from beginners to high rollers, feel comfortable right from the start. The game is otherwise quite classic, with five reels and 30 pay lines to bet on. Use the autoplay mode to make the experience more thrilling and take benefit of the average variance of Bird Of Thunder, whether you are gambling on a PC, tablet, or mobile device.

The card icons on the paytable are followed by totem animals: deers, bears, owls, snakes, and bisons worth at most 1250 times your wager. The more you bet and the faster you let the reels spin, the more exciting the experience becomes in Bird of Thunder. On top of it all, you can rely on a couple of bonus features as well.

 Keep an eye out for the thunderbird, which is the untamed card of the game. This mythical creature can emerge anywhere on the reels and can be extremely helpful. You can also try to create wild combinations to win up to 1250 times your wager here as well.

 The wooden totems are the scatters of Bird of Thunder, worth up to 10 times your total bet regardless of where they show up during the pastime. They will also award ten free spins, if you are lucky, during which the thunderbirds can fly around and turn into increasing wilds. The more extra totems you score, the supplementary extra free spins you can get as well.

Flying High

Buckle up and get ready for takeoff, we are about to introduce you to a game that takes place 33,000 feet above the ground.

Flying high is a Habanero video slot game that will take you up in the air to succeed big and have fun with a few unique features we cannot wait to tell you about. The amusement itself is as easy to play as a slot game can be, and it will not be long before you are ready to take off and hit the jackpot.

So without further ado, let's do the last checklist before takeoff and make sure that you have all cards in your hands to win big on the reels of Flying High.

The basic rules of Flying High are rather straightforward, so you will not need to pass a pilot's exam on betting able to start betting on the reels of the game. Take a moment to read the following lines, and you will have all the cards you need to begin betting on the reels.

 With five reels and 25 pay lines accessible, the game matrix is, in fact, quite classic. All you need to do is make sure that winning amalgamation of symbols land on the pay lines to trigger cash rewards. These rewards depend on the symbols themselves, and the size of your wager as well. Use the buttons in the command bar below to modify the bet size, coin value, and numeral of activated pay lines.

 The residual alternative speaks for themselves. The bet max button allows you to go all-in on your next spin, whilst the auto spin mode switches the pastime on autopilot for several turns. After each win, you have the option to gamble your reward and double it if you win a mini guessing game. Lastly, Flying High also features a progressive bonanza that can erratically be awarded at any time during the amusement.