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Realtime Gaming

TypePrivately Held
Traded asUnavailable
IndustryGambling and Casino
ProductsCasino Suites, Awesome Games, Live Dealer, Tournaments, Business Intelligence, Progressive, Exclusive Features and more


As mentioned above, Realtime Gaming is an online gambling and casino company that was established in 1998. This company is currently licensed by different operators. Realtime Gaming started in Atlanta, before moving to Costa Rica between 2007 and 2008. The company has completed several milestones and earned major achievements since it was established.

What’s amazing about this company is that it is among the first set of companies and software providers to enter the online casino market, making them a pioneer in the market. It currently boasts of more than 300 games, with a vast majority of these games is Video Slots. Realtime Gaming also helps in advertising Live Casino Games, and also provide a Mobile Platform. It is important to note that it also provides classic table games, and the main goal of the company is to ensure that it helps in providing players with an online gaming experience that they would never forget.

One of the major things that helped to gain its stand even in international markets is the Real Time Gaming Real Series, which was released following the establishment of this industry. These features allow players from different parts of the world to enjoy the games offered by the company on both mobile and also in instant play. There are so many aspects of the company, with the major being with respect to realism elements, top-notch graphics, rewarding bonuses, and appealing visuals, all of which make Realtime Gaming an awesome company. 

The slots from Realtime Gaming are mostly enjoyed by players and fans of video slots, and this is because it offers innovative features and also offers numerous themes. This company also offers three reeled games. It is worth noting that Realtime Gaming is not all about rewards and bonuses. It also provides tournaments for players to enjoy. These tournaments also have amazing prices that players can win. 

There are so many interesting things about this company. Most of the games it offers are integrated with existing platforms like multiplatform casino suits, and Sportsbook. Realtime Gaming also offers games in the form of instant play casino and also as fully integrated download games. 

The AutoPlay is another feature that was added to the slots games from Realtime Gaming, and the reason for adding this feature is so that players to give players more options and flexibility. With this addition, players can either leave their systems to play automatically, while they focus on doing other things. Nothing is better than coming back to realize that you’ve won a jackpot. This can only be possible with the Auto Play feature. On Realtime Gaming, players are offered more freedom with the software that they provide.


At Realtime Gaming, the general belief is that Innovations goes beyond technology, and the main objective is to embrace different approaches that can help in bringing about a total gaming experience to users. Realtime Gaming prides itself in providing Flash, Mobile game, Kiosks, Download offerings, Agency system, Affiliates, Business Intelligence, and unmatched back end. At Realtime Gaming, innovation is equivalent to giving an opportunity. 

Another concept that Realtime Gaming believes in and also adopted is with respect to the fact that great games aren’t the only things that a casino business needs to be successful. The operators of casinos should be gifted and should also know how to collect, access, and process data over a wide range. The goal is to have a full understanding of everything about the casino business, as well as the best way to operate it. Realtime Gaming prides itself on providing the most easy-to-use, flexibly, and powerful casino interface. 

In addition to providing great games, Realtime Gaming also believes that the online casino business needs more than chips, dice, and cards. This is because operators need more than just that to be successful. What operators need is a full and complete business solution, experience, the power to process and manage data, as well as resources for proper decision making. If you are looking for an industry with unmatched backend development, Realtime Gaming is the solution for you because that’s what they are best at. 

Another amazing thing about Realtime Gaming is its flexibility and ability to customize game offerings, all of which are needed by clients. It boasts of a seamless game integration that helps to ensure that players do not require additional player passwords or accounts. This implies that the amount used to play on a poker table would be the same amount that will be used on a casino table. Another amazing thing is that the games are tailor-made, and this is to maximize and extend the strengths of their operators at Realtime Gaming. Realtime Gaming is able to provide games for irrespective of what is offered by other gaming sites, and it achieves this with the aid of the odds, multiplayer games, and casino-based single games that it offers.

There is a host of other services that Realtime Gaming can provide, and is a pioneer in the online gambling and casino market. Realtime Gaming prides itself on delivering the best so that it can maintain its stand as a leading name in the casino and gambling world as a whole.


Top Games on Realtime Gaming

Being in the gaming world for more than two decades now, Realtime Gaming has successfully created a portfolio that features so many amazing and popular games in the casino world today. Here is an outline of the top 6 games that you will find on Realtime Gaming. What’s certain about these games is that they all have amazing features that players love. 

1. Play Coyote Cash

Coyote Cash is a five reeled game that offers 25 pay lines to players. In this game, the main character is a hilarious and clumsy coyote, and one thing is certain when you play this game, which is the fact that you will be giggling throughout the gameplay because that’s what this wonderful slot game is capable of delivering. 

In this game, there are wild symbols and wild animals. It is important to note that the wild animals are coyotes, and the wild symbols can be used to replace other symbols with the exception of the loot scatter symbol. The wild symbol is an amazing feature because it doubles the chances of winning. Another feature of the game is the scatter symbols, which also helps to multiply wins. A free spin is won when up to three scatter symbols or even more is gotten. Everything about the game can only be enjoyed when you start playing it. 

2. Play Enchanted Garden II

You will love this game if you are a fan of fairytales. Go on a ride into a mythical world with Enchanted Garden II. Enjoy the moment as you watch your different fabled creatures move about the mythical world. This game is another amazing creation of Realtime Gaming that boasts of gameplay that is easy to understand.

Some of the amazing features of the game include the 25 pay lines it offers in addition to the easy and relaxing gameplay, not to forget that this is a five reeled game. The game also offers amazing graphics. You can only behold the wonders of the game when you play it, which is enough reason why you should hop on and start playing this amazing slot.

3. Play Aladdin’s Wishes

Bringing the Sahara Desert to you so you can locate a magical lamp with a genie in it. Unleash the genie and earn three wishes. This is a thrilling casino game that offers big fortune. Aladdin’s Wishes is an amazing game from Realtime Gaming, and it is a five reeled game that offers 25 pay lines. What’s amazing about this game is that there are different ways to earn money. You can either do it by matching symbols, or by hitting the bonus round. 

It also has the Autoplay feature, which allows the game to continue playing even when you are busy. Another amazing feature to behold in the game is that in the bonus round, players can win up to 100 times their initial bet. There are several other amazing features of this game, which is enough reason why you should start playing the game now. It is important to note that the gameplay is also straightforward and easy to understand. 

4. Play Builder Beaver

This game is regarded as an ultimate online casino game not because of the name but because of the engaging gameplay. Builder Beaver is also a five reeled game that offers 25 ways to win, but this game is unique because of a special feature it offers. These special features are the two progressive jackpots. With this, players can earn more chances of winning even when they do not expect to win. 

In this game, a player will win ten games for hitting at least three similar symbols. When a player hits at least three similar beaver symbols, the player will earn 12 free games, which is really amazing. The game also gives players the option to have full control of the game by hitting stop, which will stop the spinning reel. You can find out more and have a firsthand experience of this game only when you play it. 

5. Play Caesar’s Empire

Take a trip to Rome, where you can claim all the wealth and rule over the ancient city of the Roman Empire. In this game, you will be able to enjoy unimaginable luxury as well as the wealth of the richest man in Rome. Caesar’s Empire is a five reeled game that offers up to 20 ways to win. One reason why players love playing this game is the fact that they can bet any amount they want to bet. 

Caesar’s Empire also offers a progressive jackpot, which is huge. This is an amazing title from Realtime Gaming, and just like the other games released by this casino industry, this game also has straightforward gameplay that is easy to understand. It also boasts of amazing visuals and cutting-edge graphics. Just the other games, Caesar’s Empire has a lot to offer. However, you can only enjoy these offers when you play the game. Take a trip to Rome now with this interesting game and win all the treasures and riches of this ancient city. 

6. Play Spirit of the Inca

Enjoy rich imagery, and lift your hopes in this awesome title. Spirit of the Inca is a unique name for a slot. Although some people have more expectations and believe the game can offer more than it currently offers, the game still remains an amazing title from Realtime Gaming. 

Explore ancient treasures when you play this game. It is important to note that this game only offers an RTP of 91 to 97%, which makes it a medium variance slots game. Another thing to note is that it offers 25 pay lines, with a bet amount of between 0.5 and 5 coins for each line. There’s so much to behold in this game, which is why you should start playing it now.