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TypePublic Company
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IndustryComputer Software
ProductsSoftware, gaming, entertainment, and gaming solution
Contact infoinfo@spadegaming.com


Spade Gaming is one company that has a really interesting and amazing history. It began with its establishment in 2007, and this was spearheaded by some visionary entrepreneurs who collectively decided to establish the company. This company has spent more than 10 years in the Asian gambling market, and it has successfully gained a very wide recognition, which has now placed it among the leading game developers in Asia. The gain in popularity of this company can be attributed to the incredible and appealing storylines, the fantastic graphics, the extraordinary and also the unique features it offers, and also the innovative methods used by the company to depict the Asian culture in all their products.

This company has its headquarters located in Malta. However, there are several other branch offices located in different parts of the world, including China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. This company has since its inception developed over 120 different games. This company specializes in creating slot games, arcade games, and also table games. However, it is important to note that the slots have become a major part of the company’s portfolio. As a way of ensuring that the company stays in the frontline, it releases new batches of games every three months. These games can be seen on so many casinos included Fun88, Deluxe Gold, and GPK, amongst others. 

Spade Gaming is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which allows it to extend its products to all the gaming and entertainment industry in Europe. Players love the and place high recognition on the games that are developed by Spade Gaming. Spade Gaming started leading the way as an innovator industry, and since the year 2013, it has constantly produced games that are playable on all smartphones and tablets devices. This makes it possible for players to have easy access to these games even when they watch movies or listen to music.


Spade Gaming has been linked with so many operations since it was established, and this ranges from signing to endorsement deals to acquiring a new license, in addition to constantly designing and developing new games for players all over the world. An outline of some of these operations since the company was established is given below.

The company participated in the Asia Global Gaming Expo in the year 2016. The company also exhibited its best in the world’s largest B2B gathering ever seen in the Asian gaming industry, and this was held in the Venetian Exhibition and Convention Center in Macau. In March 2017, the Spade Gaming company got a certification from the iTech Labs. This is an Australian based testing lab specifically designed for online gaming systems. Gaining this certification was a huge milestone for the company. 

The company’s core value has always been to always provide its users with unique gaming experience, and as a way of achieving this, it released 4 new games in November 2017. The company releases new batches of games every three months, and it is certain that more games would be released in the nearest future. Newer games were also released in January 2018 in other to stay committed to constantly releasing newer batches of games every three months.

Spade Gaming achieved a huge milestone in November 2018; it was this year that the Spade Gaming official exhibition was marked by SiGMA in the European iGaming events. Another huge milestone and also an addition to the company’s portfolio was also achieved in February 2019. This was a major breakthrough stage for the company because it became the first Asian based online slot game provider to be licensed under the Malta Gaming Authorities. 

The company signed official partnership deals with BetConstruct, SoftGamings, and Campeon Gaming in May 2019, August 2019, and March 2020, respectively. There are no doubts that the future of this company is a bright one, and users would be dazed with so many amazing games and releases.


Top 6 Games on Spade Gaming

Spade Gaming is one of the most successful Asian companies, especially in terms of the number of games they have released. This game developer has released over 120 games, all of which offer cutting-edge graphics design and sound quality. Here is a list of the top 6 games on Spade Gaming. 

1. Play Gold Panther

Take a ride into the deepest part of the jungle and locate all the hidden secrets. Be careful because the Gold Panther is out to hunt down adventurers and travelers that go about aimlessly in the jungle. It is widely believed that the Gold Panther has gone back to hide in its lair. This is your only chance to find the hidden treasures and riches. 

This game has so many amazing features, among which include 4,096 ways to win from the 6 reels. It is important to note that these winning ways are actually the different ways you can wander in the jungle. One of these ways will lead you to the hidden treasures where you will find so many riches. 

All symbols are substituted by the WILD symbols except for the scatter symbols. Free game features are usually triggered when three or more scatter symbols are gotten anywhere on the reel. 6 scatter symbols will make you win 100 free spins. 

Another very interesting feature about the game is that winnings are randomly multiplied by 2x, 3x, or 5x when the WILD symbols are gotten during a free game. 

2. Play Double Fortune

Legend has it that the greatest mythical animals are the White Tiger and the Green Dragon. This is, in fact, the most loved animals because it is believed that they offer a great fortune to their lovers. This has been extended to this game, and now you have your opportunity to enjoy the fortune that they bring. 

Come and enjoy the unique blessing that these mythical creatures have to offer and get the opportunity to win huge rewards. A winner will emerge whenever the White Tiger meets the Green Dragon. Why not come and find out if you will be that winner. 

This game has so many amazing features. It is five-reeled, and it offers 25 pay lines. The Tiger feature offers amazing bonus features instantly while the Dragon feature will make you win 15 free spins, which can be further tripled when the feature is still used. 

Join the ride into the deepest part of the Chinese forest to find you mythical creatures and also to make the White Tiger Meet the Green Dragon.

3. Play Big Prosperity SA

This is one game I enjoy playing so much. It was released on January 5, 2017, and it is provided in different languages, making it possible for different people in different parts of the world to play this game. 

The God of Fortune is waiting for you in this game with is big and massive bags of blessings. Why not join the line and receive the blessings he has for you. Rest assured that you would enjoy a prosperous year after you encounter this great God of fortune. 

It is important to this fortune will not remain in a single spot, and as such, you would no want to miss this opportunity. I love the amazing features of this game, and this includes the 15 pay lines it offers. It is a five reeled game like no other. This game also offers so many free opportunities that will make you win an x6 bonus multipliers and 20 free spins. 

Hop on and double your winnings.

4. Play Brothers Kingdom

This is a game is based on a fictional event, and it was designed with the inspiration of the Peach Garden Oath. In this fictional event, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei became blood brothers during wartimes. Liu Bei eventually became the Lord of the Shu State, and his duty was to bring and maintain peach into every part of the nation and also to the people. 

This is a high-octane action game you do not want to miss out on. The spins are with so many cascading actions that will give you a unique experience of the heroes from these three kingdoms. 

There are so many amazing features in this game. The game is a five-reeled game that offers 20 pay lines. In this game, the WILD symbol also substitutes other symbols except for the Scatter symbols. There are many mystery free games that are usually triggered during the game. The cascading features also allow for multiple wins from a spin. 300 games can be triggered from the free spins in a free game mode. 

5. Play Jungle King

The jungle is a beautiful place to behold. It holds so many mysteries, and you might be lucky to find some treasures in the jungle. However, you need a trusted guide to help you find your fortunes from the jungle adventures. The jungle king is the right person for your quest to finding these treasures. The jungle king has to fears, he is fierce beasts, and he knows all the hidden parts of the jungle. 

I love the 1024 winning ways that are offered by this game. The WILD usually appears of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels, and these WILD also substitutes all the symbols except for the scatter and bonus symbols. You will be rewarded with a bonus game if you are lucky enough to land to bonus symbols of the 1st and 5th reels. 

This is a game you would want to behold.

6. Play King Pharaoh

You would be interested in this game if you are a lover of ancient Egyptian culture. This game as a Golden Pharaoh and it was created with the inspiration of the history of the ancient pyramids in Egypt. There are so many treasure chests to win from this game, and you would not want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. 

Here are some of the features that make me love the game: Just like it is with other games on Spade Gaming, the WILD of this game also substitutes all the symbols except for the scatter symbol. This game offers two payout winning options. The WILD symbols appear on the 2nd and 4th reel, and this would help you to trigger up to 5 free games in addition to an expanded WILD.