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Splitrock Gaming

NameSplitrock Gaming
CompanySplitrock Gaming
OwnershipPrivate Company
PartnersQtech Games


Splitrock Company is a company in the Gambling and Casino industry with Asian origin. However, the company may be located in Curacao. Very little about the company has been disclosed because the founders seem to have a less social presence. The company must have been operating for long because it has a rich portfolio of very interesting slots. The company has a group of license casinos where its slots are played. The company has a partnership with QTech games—iGaming company which is one of the most famous companies in Asia. The partnership with QTech made Splitrock Games slots availed on QTech's platform exclusively. Splitrock is licensed to operate in the industry, and so far it has several interesting slots which are; season spring, season autumn, season winter, shishi, and many more. The company produces unique games that are unique, volatile and seamless.


Splitrock Gaming online platforms and casinos have been reviewed and rated by players positively. Real players are the only individuals who are allowed to review games by Splitrock Gaming. The company has sold many casino software to various clients. For instance, Fortune Casino is the newest casino which is using Splitrock Gaming software. It was established in 2020 and provides slots from various developers. If you look at the site, you might not identify or notice how the well-designed platform has many surprises that are appealing to players. Many players who have played on this casino can attest to how good it is in terms of usability and appearance. Fortune Clock is safe and properly licensed by the Curacao government. To secure the information of players, the casino has incorporated SSL encryption in its games. As a player, you don't have to worry about theft of information and data because the information is protected by strong encryption. Most of the slots played on his platform are games from well-known studios as well as those from Splitrock gaming



 As stated earlier, Splitrock Gaming has very little information about its history and the founders. However, the kind of slots they have is top-notch. The company has eight slots that are seeping its competitors by feet. Well, Splitrock might not have developed as many slots as its competitors, but it has developed unique quality slots. The company which seems to be working on building a strong online presence and a rich portfolio have amazing slots that am about to tell you. These games can be played on various platforms such as PC and mobile devices seamlessly. Here are the top slots by Splitrock Gaming and where you can find them. Let's have a look at these fun-filled slots.

6. Caichen and Xiaoqian

It would be very unfair if I never told you about this interesting slot which revolves around Chinese stories and legends. 

If you did not know, Chinese people have the best stories to tell. If you would love to play a game based on this kind of story and legend, then Caichen and Xiaoqian are the real deal. This slot is an online game developed by Splitrock, and it can help you as a player achieve what you love doing- playing games based on Chinese stories and heroes. Wow! This game has a cartoon element, and what does this mean? It simply means that you will have maximum entertainment playing this slot. The cartoonish elements are visual, and the reels have detailed well-designed images placed on them. The background image for this online slot is interesting because it is abstract

This game (Caichen and Xiaoqian) is played on five reels and twenty-five paylines. The game has ten standard symbols that have the ability to hit the reels. The game has crossed swords and arrows- I know you could be asking for what? When you start playing this game, you will have a sweet experience as you learn how to use these features. The music instrument feature is very impressive, and you will love it. It also has a hand band feature. While playing this game, you will activate up to twenty free spins. It is during these 0 free spins when your wins are boosted with a random multiplier. To add on that, the game features a gentle lady with black hair and a white dress that acts as a wild symbol. I am pretty sure every man who is attracted to black-haired women would love to spin this slot as many times as possible to see the lady pop up. Ups! Sorry, I had to say that, but somehow it makes some sense! Well, this lady symbol has the power to replace all your standards symbols in the game, and she can help a player develop a winning line.

5. Jewelry Dragon

Dragons have always been scary until Jewelry Dragon showed up. Now would you love to encounter an interesting dragon that will not scare you a bit? A dragon who really loves gold, gems and fancy things, unlike other dragons we have known they yearn for human blood? Well if your answer is yes, Then Jewelry Dragon is the slot by Splitrock Gaming which will take you to an imaginary world where there is a dragon who loves fancy things. 

Jewelry Dragon is an Asian themed online slot that was designed and published by Splitrock. The slot is a very interesting game with nicely colored icons and funny details that entertains the player right from looking at them. The slot has dark reels, and this makes it visible on your screen when playing this game. Just like the Caichen and Xiaoqian, Jewelry Dragon has an abstract background red image that has some ornaments on it.

Jewelry Dragon has five reels and gives the player 243 ways to win. When you look at the paytable for this game, you will find 11 basic symbols which include six playing card symbols, money, lucky coins’ symbols, a jade statue symbol, a gold ingot, gemstones in a pot and then a money tree. The Golden Dragon is usually the winning symbol in this slot. The dragon will replace all basic symbols and helps you in completing a winning combination of symbols. Listen to this interesting line! Every win with a Wild Symbol is multiplied by two. The Chinese words in the slot represent the scatter symbol. When playing Jewelry Dragon, wait to hit three or more of the Chinese words to win free 15 spins. If you do this, every win will be tripled, and this means more fortune. Be on the lookout for these Chinese words and hit them a more as you can so that your win will be multiplied by the number of hits you make to get the free spins.

4. Seasons Spring

Seasons have their own benefits for everyone. However, the spring season has many benefits to many people because it's that time when most people-energize themselves. To boost your summer mood while recollecting your energy, Season Spring is an online slot game created and released by one Splitrock Gaming. The inspiration behind this game was a specific time of the year. The game delivers some interesting visual features of colorful cons and other details. Just like other slot games by Splitrock Gaming, Season Summer has an abstract background image that is violet in color. The slot has pale violet reels that have ornaments. Seem the abstract feature in reels and background image in Splitrock games is the gimmick.

This slot comes with three pay lines and three reels. A player can see the payout table right on the main screen. The symbols a player can hit for payouts on this slot include red envelopes, double and triple lucky coin, firecrackers, a single, a flower, a black Chinese sign, and a bouquet. For a player to win a turn on this slot, he/she must land three same-type symbols on any active payline. Any three coins can result in a cash winning. A Player can use three or two coins before every spin. The trick of this game is that, the more you invest, the higher the prizes you expect to reap. This game, however, has no symbols.

3. Seasons Autumn

The year presents to use three seasons. Each season has its goodies, and Autumn is not an omission. For this reason, Splitrock Gaming developed and released Seasons Autumn online slot game for everyone who loves autumn season. The slot is based on the fall season but including some Chinese vibe. The elements which a visual in this game are uniquely designed. They include brown reels with added Chinese signs on them. Symbols are also very unique with few details and impressive colors. Splitrock Gaming did not forget its gimmick of including a brownish abstract background image.

This slot comes with three paylines and three reels. Players can see the list of the basic symbols which are found on the main screen of this slot. On the main table, the player will find payable eight symbols. These are pink flowers, a fish, double and single lucky coin, a triple a yellow flower, a drum, and a Chinese sign in black color. 

The player gets a cash prize when he/she manages to hit three symbols of the same type on any payline which is active as at that time. Also landing a combo of three coins generates a reward. However, this slot does not have symbols with special properties on the Seasons Autumn slot.

2. Shishi

Have you ever heard about the Chinese guardian lines? Well, they are back, and they are here to help slots players win and have fun through the newest slot by Splitrock Gaming- Shishi Slot.

Shishi is an online game slot inspired by Chinese legends. The game has beautiful graphics of colorful icons that are placed on each dark reel. If you play slots by Splitrock, you will notice that the majority have dark reels and abstract background images, and this is not an exception.

This slot is played on five reels and 25 paylines. It has ten standard symbols which include, a blue vase, four playing cards with specific colors, a lotus flower, a jade ornament, a small guardian lion statue, a brooch, and another unusual ornament which is in blue and golden colors. The two shishi statues are the wild symbol. This replaces all other symbols and helps the player make a winning combination.

1. Seasons Summer

It seems that Splitrock mastered the rare pattern which no other developer has ever conceived. Using seasons create slots is such a brilliant idea because players relate with the game they play each time they start playing. Well form spring to Autumn and now the Summer season when people love outdoor activities.

Splitrock develops Seasons Summer online slot game, inspired by the many people who love this season. The game is unique and has many lovely features to help the player achieve the ultimate goal, which is winning.

This slot has three reels and three paylines where players pay on. The paytable is located on the right side of the main screen. The paytable has eight regular symbols which are a single, a gold ingot, a panda, lotus flower, bamboos, triple lucky coin, double and a black Chinese symbol all on a red background. This is how you win; Land three symbols of the same kind on the active line. Use any three lucky coins to create a combo.