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TC Gaming Lottery

TypePublic Company
IndustryGambling and Casinos
ProductsCasino content, iGaming Platform, Live Dealer, Lottery Solutions, and Sportsbook


TC Gaming is a world’s ultimate gaming solution, with recorded successes in different aspects. The company was founded with the main inspiration for becoming a leading and professional white labeling and lottery platform in the world. A rule-based engine that is extremely sophisticated is used in powering this white labeling and lottery platform. 

There are currently so many amazing things about these gaming solutions, and it is worth mention that it provides comprehensive solutions for integrations. This is backed by a myriad of services that allows its users to save money, as well as their time. They can do this when they acquire full online gaming solutions at once. 

TC Gaming is the online lottery platform for you if you are looking for the most stable system ever. This is the only system in the world where you’d find a perfect combination of both modern and traditional technologies and gameplay. Also, the platform offers different genres, including the most popular games in the market. 

One of the fascinating things about this company is its all-in-one business consultation expertise. If you are seeking management consultation for your business at a cost-effective and flexible rate, then you should make use of TC gaming. Rest assured that you’d enjoy an unmatched level of efficiency to meet your business needs. 

With just a single integration, TC gaming rapidly and seamlessly integrates different platforms and game operator wallets. This makes it possible for a direct connection to the already existing operator wallet. What’s interesting is that this is possible without the need for further integration or development. 

It is important to note that there are so many operators on TC Gaming. There are over 80 of them, and they all provide support for HTML5 mobile version, PC version, and also for APP mobile version. In other to remain in business, and continuously meet the needs of its customer, TC Gaming ensures it remains updated and have a full understanding of latest dynamics, and trends, particularly those in the global gaming industry. The company constantly strives to deliver extraordinary innovations. It also provides advice for professional industries. This will help its customer to expand the needs of their business segments.


At TC Gaming, the philosophy that is adopted is one that stimulates continuous innovation and continuous improvement for technological development that will create monetization options for different businesses in different parts of the world.

Business start-up can now pursue their dreams by utilizing the opportunities that are offered by TC Gaming. With this, business start-ups are just a step away from finding success. It is worth mentioning that this gaming solution has over ten years of operational experience, and it also prides itself as an ultimate solution in the gaming industry. 

Since this company came into the business, it has achieved different heights and also completed different milestones over the last decade. It is currently the ultimate gaming solution in the world today. There are so many products currently offered by the company, and these are highlighted below:

TC Gaming offers Card games for its users to enjoy. It is worth noting that the gaming industry and market in China are growing at a very fast rate, and Card Games have become widely popular in not only China but across the world. TC Gaming is a high functionality and system stability platform for different Card games. 

Another thing you’d enjoy from this platform is the live casino. One of the most exciting things you can do is play your best casino games online. This is a fun thing to do, and it’s also exciting when you play these games with the dealer in person. With this, you can experience the emotions that come with playing casino games. You can also choose things that would enhance your winning chances. Online casino gaming comes in handy in cases when you cannot go to a land-based casino.

It is worth mentioning that there are a variety of live casino games to enjoy both on your computer and on your mobile device. This includes live baccarat and live roulette, amongst others. With these games, you can rest assured that you’d get a real feel of the game because you won’t be playing against a computer. 

Another amazing offer from TC Gaming is RNG Games. The easiest games to recognize in casinos are slots. You must have come across these games if you have ever played online or in a live casino. Some of these games are extremely popular, and you’d find them in places like hotels, bars, airports, and even in some special events. The popularity of these slots can be attributed to the fact that they are easy to play, and you can land a huge payout with these games, irrespective of your experience. It is important to note that for slots games like baccarat, blackjack, and poker, you do not necessarily need to have a specific skillset before you can land these huge payouts. The main reason for this is because they are all games of chance. 

Part of the products you’d enjoy from this company includes sports games. TC Gaming offers more games and sports for users to bet on. You’d not find this luxury in every gambling website. The company boasts of offering the largest number of sporting events in the world. You’d also find events you least expect on this platform. What’s amazing is that you can also bet on these events. This includes over 60 different types of sports, 150 different football leagues, and over 1000 different types of wagers. You can also enjoy over 60,000 different events every month, all of which are unique, implying thousands of these events every week for you to enjoy.

Do you like to go fishing? Then you’d also enjoy the Fishing game that is available on the TC Gaming platform. This is a completely different aquatic world, unlike what is available on other platforms. As mentioned above, one of the major focuses of TC Gaming is on the development of games with the core gameplay. This is to ensure that it can effectively offer a unique gaming experience for its players. TC Gaming will continue to remain committed to improving the gameplay of its games, and also in promoting businesses and taking them to the next level. 

There are so many fish shooter games on the platform, including the most popular of these games in the gaming market. This will fascinate you because the graphics are beautiful and in HD. The sound effect is also of good quality and can take you to the right atmosphere, where you’d have a real experience of arcade fishing. It is important to note that the fishing experience is made available for free so that players can play it at any time. Another thing to note is that there are other extraordinary effects in the game. This includes skills and advances weapons to make you enjoy full excitement.


Top Lottery Choices on TC Gaming

As explained above, there are so many gaming options to enjoy on TC Gaming. However, it is important to note that the most exciting among these options is the TC Lotto. TC Gaming ensures that the lotto results are genuine and fair, and it achieves this by making use of blockchain technology. TC Gaming also offers different lottery products, and different gameplay methods, and a risk management system that allows users to enjoy different market niche. 

On TC Gaming, you’d enjoy different types of games in the Asian Market. What’s amazing is that you can bet on these games. This will give you access to a world of both mobile and online lottery gaming. 

Here are the top lottery games on TC Gaming to play:

1. Play Thai Government Lottery on TC Gaming

This game is also known as Huay in Thai which was initially operated by the Government Lottery Office for the first time in 1874. Since then, this Thai lottery has been gaining a lot of attention and becoming the most famous betting choice among Thai people. However, there are usually problems that people would like to buy the popular numbers that they got from various sacred places. Those physical lotteries with popular numbers are always sold out. On the other hand, TC Gaming offers all online form lotteries that you can bet for your lucky number without system blocking or limited numbers.

2. Play Vietnam lottery at TC Gaming

This is one of the top lotteries with different periods to bet. Players can enjoy betting and wait for their lottery results that vary from the cities that launch lottery results. For example, the Hanoi lottery gives players chances to win daily at 6.30 PM with easy guessing of the last digits of the results. 

3. Play Lao lottery at TC Gaming

A good choice for Asian lottery is the Lao lottery where official results will come out every Monday and Thursday as well as on some Wednesdays. The easiest bet that you can earn money is the Fantan section on your selected lottery.

4. Play Malaysia lottery at TC Gaming

There are 3 types of the Malaysia lottery namely Damacai 4D, Magnum 4D and Toto 4D. What’s certain is that you’d enjoy the gaming experience that comes with playing the lottery as often as the results for these types will be announced on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The minimum win is big enough that you only guess 4 numbers for random order and start to win 1:395.8334.

5. Play Stock lottery at TC Gaming

The stock lottery is based on the last digits that appear on stock prices when the particular markets are opened and closed. Thus, players don’t have to learn about stock trading strategies but only their fortune can make them money!

6. Play Turbo lotto at TC Gaming

Turbo lotto is also called Yeekee, and this is a new lottery game from TC Gaming. It utilizes an entertaining and casual expression. You’d like the entertainment atmosphere it offers. Another amazing thing is that it is easier to win in this lottery game with the shortest waiting time for results as you can only wait for 1 minute per each round.