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HeadquartersMalta City, Sweden
IndustryGambling and Software


Founded in 2013 in Romania, the company is a slot gaming provider that has spread its wings to the globe. The slots provider has its headquarters in Malta City, Sweden. In addition, they have licenses to operate in Great Britain, Gibraltar, Poland, and Romania, a shred of evidence that it has expanded to the whole world. YGG products include live games and online slot games. These products are the reason the company has gained popularity among slot lovers.

Their key strength is developing slot games as well as providing solutions to them by updating them with the latest technology. Among the company’s popular games include Joker Millions, progressive jackpot, ice and fire, cash race, and Jungle Book. Offering an exceptional gaming platform you can never go wrong with, YGG is the best slot provider.

The Inception of the slot provider

The traditional layout is in the YGG Slot Company is traced back to 1891 by Pitt and Sitman in Americas Brooklyn Network. It had a lever, five drums, and fifty card spaces features. As such, this layout supported players in attaining maximum fun playing slot games from them.

The three-reel slot machine was introduced by Charles Say later in 1984 in San Francisco. This is what has developed to the modern slot machines we see in both land-based and online casinos. Since then, Yggdrasil has integrated other features to its slot games hence enhancing the gaming experience of the players.

Technology in Yggdrasil

Different technology has been integrated into the Yggdrasil slot provider to make the best in the industry. The technology that streamlines the payment, the compatibility as well as increasing better odds in the games has been added. Some of this technology includes;

Vendors and Trade Simulators

Another changing technology developed on Yggdrasil was vendors and trade simulators. It was later followed by the introduction of computers and touchscreen technology. Technology has promoted the use of pseudorandom number generators. 

Developments in technology and an increase in clientele have changed the gaming world. Consequently, technology companies heavily invest in them and governments regulate this space. Yggdrasil is one such company that has been instrumental in a fast pace in technology development.

Flash technology and HTML

The Company obtained the first license in 2013 in Romania and was by then highly dependent on flash technology. This however changed in 2014 with the development of HTML. This technology allows for access to slot games through the mobile phone.


The first mobile slot was launched in 2014 and allows you to play your slots on the go. This is also the year the company transferred all their games to the iSENSE platform which you can reach with any mobile device. It also gives sleek design, great visual effects, and best output. 


This is an integrated promotion tool introduced in 2015 that changed how operators promote online slots as in place of free spins and poorly operated tournaments. It allowed operators to run features meant to improve client engagement and innovations. Among them are raffle engines and leaderboard features. Boost uses sophisticated algorithms in improving performance and scaling.  


Developed in 2015, Brag was the first tool that allowed gamers to share their wins through social media. The first network campaign shook the industry and enabled the company to reach more global clients and expand the market. 


 This tool was created in 2016 with an aim to increase the users’ engagement. 

 Missions were launched with spins and symbols. It allowed developers and operators to create unique custom slots for their businesses. This was launched in 2016 and was first in the industry. It helped tailor-make specific casino brands that meet the need of target clients.  

Heroic Dragons

Heroic Dragons is a technology that evolved in 2017. It was aimed at giving a boost to external projects 3D Table Games 2018 marked the official launch of 3D gaming with YGS masters the first. It was later followed by Soya Blackjack. This was accompanied by the inclusion of full bright colors. 

Among the successful games in this range include; fruit, magic, Viking themed games. It was powered by the Company’s REDUX technology that integrates multiplayer games, interaction with players and motion capture technology has been integrated. 

Other features in YGG

Over time, the company has developed unique and fast features to keep clients glued to their games. Among these features are sticky, traveling, expanding, wilds, synched reels, free spins, multipliers, and fire blasts. 

The Company goes into collaborations and partnerships with different companies for quality development and to strengthen market position. 

Partnering with Veikkaus

In early 2020, they partnered with Veikkaus, a government-owned gaming company that has a range of free online casinos and over 700,000 weekly online players based in Finland. All of Yggdrassil’s games will now be available to all players.

 Yggdrasil is the winner of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 International gaming awards. They also won EGR B2B awards for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 for innovation in the RNG Casino Supplier category. 

Commitment to innovation has been the strength of the YGG slot games provider. Accessibility has been enhanced more by translating them into 30 different languages. Other competitive advantages include the quick adoption of new gaming technology.


Today, players have a wide array of Yggdrasil slots to choose from. The slots offer unique features including mini-games, bonuses, great sound effects, and amazing graphics. Yggdrasil slot games are also friendly to players regardless of their pockets and level of experience. If you want to experience the best of the best, go for Yggdrasil slot games. All the games here are exceptional and I have put together a collection of 6 top YGG slot games.

Niagara Falls

This is one of the best slots that YGG, a slot provider has developed. The game is available in 27 different languages thus doesn’t lock out any player regardless of their language. Niagara Falls gives you an adventure you can never forget because of its mimic of designing the famous waterfalls. 

The 96.2% Return to Player (RTP) gives you better odds in winning the game compared to other slots. Make sure you enjoy the Niagara Falls themes and features will give a gaming experience you can never forget.

Champions of Rome

Developed in February 2019, Champions of Rome features Ancient Rome and entertains players from the history part of view. This game is kind of fighting for survival in Rome’s Colosseum and it will give you thrills and rush down your spine whenever you embark on playing it. 

Similarly, the RTP of 96.4% ensures that you have better odds of winning the game. The game is compatible with different devices such as iPhone, Android, and desktop. Therefore, you can never miss out on enjoying the slot games you love on any of your devices. Yggdrasil encourages you to access your slots on Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. 

Vikings Go to Hell

This slot resembles the other YGG slot game called Vikings Go Wild. It’s a very interesting game you should always play to get the thrills that comes with it. The game challenges you to think outside the box on how to destroy the monsters since it’s only then you can get great rewards. This game features brave Vikings who are on a mission of going to hell though they are not ready to die. The aim is to kill monsters in a bid to win the game and get more rewards. Vikings Go to Hell involves rewarding the brave Vikings who on their way to hell kill monsters. The Vikings who receive most rewards are regarded as heroes.

 It’s an interesting game that tests your bravery and ensures that you don’t fear anything. On top of that, the remarkable features in this slot game attract the players and keep them hooked on the game. Such features as Demon Fights, Rage Collection, and Berzerk Free Spins, are what make this game a sure bet. On top of that, the game has alluring game effects such as nice sound effects, amazing graphics, and state-of-the-art technology that make it the best of the best.

Beauty and the Beast

Experience in Beauty and Beast will be for a lifetime for you. The game is packed with amazing sound effects, awesome graphics, and state-of-the-art technology. The slot is one of the best slots Yggdrasil has to offer. 

Its special bonus called Golden Bet Bonus paves the way to accessing the free spins and wins more in the free spins mode. Beauty and Beauty slot, therefore, has high chances of making wins and mastering the game through free practice.

Beauty and the Beast slot involves 3 distinct bonus features that increase the odds of winning the game. The conditions require you to establish two to four random Wilds, sync the 3 reels in the middle, and nudge the reels. This gives the best results you are looking for while playing this game.

Beauty and the Beauty slot should be a priority in choosing a slot from YGG. Only then are you assured of enjoying the best benefits it offers?

Cazino Zeppelin

This is one of the best slot games by Yggdrasil with exceptional features that attract players to win more games. The compatibility with both Android and iPhone devices ensures that you can grab the game at mobile casinos or from the comfort of your mobile device at any time. As a result, the game has won the hearts of many players who use mobile technology to access them and are delighted about the convenience this brings to them.

Free spins in this game is another feature you can’t forget to take advantage of. For instance, collecting 3 spins equals 10 free spins and 5 symbols equal enjoyment of 20 spins. 

Cazino Zeppelin gives you an amazing opportunity to get big wins all the time you spin the wheels. The five reels and 20 paylines are also a winning strategy you should enjoy all the time since they better the odds of making big wins. This game is the best to choose from a wide array of games by YGG. Though the game has simple game mechanics such as sound effects, graphics, and art, it still qualifies as the best.


This game is one of the best in terms of variety of bonuses it offers the players. These bonuses are the reason you win all the time without having to figure out how to go about everything. After successfully completing this slot, you are assured of big cash out emanating from the free credit and bonuses readily available. After every win, you get a chance to choose between a bonus of more Wilds or more multipliers. As a result, your eyes will always be focused on winning to attain these benefits.

The alchemy theme in this game attracts players as it is beautiful to look at making the game interesting to play. This feature entertains you as it puts you in the mood of attaining wins as well as having maximum fun at a game with such beautiful game mechanics.

 The bonuses from this game are out of this world as it offers a total of 15,000spreading Wilds bonuses. You are free to use these bonuses to win the game and enjoy the thrill that comes with either losing or winning the game.

Final Thoughts

All the games from Yggdrasil offer the best opportunity for players to enjoy a wide array of games. You can enjoy the game from any device as well as in different languages. The company has continued expanding its operations to the whole wide world. Its games keep gamers entertained all the time due to the amazing features incorporated in it. YGG has grown in leaps and bounds and today offers the best gaming slots on the web. As such, it helps players keep in tabs with the latest technology in slot games from top developers.