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Sic Bo


Why Sic Bo?

When betting in a casino has been developed for playing online. Can you actually play Sic Bo with real money and win real money? To play Sic Bo with real money for real money, you have to place a bet before begin shaking dices in online Sic Bo. Then, focus only on the three dices that are rolled on the table and wait to have luck and win a lot of prizes.


Sic Bo Introduction

Sic Bo is an online dice game that many people know very well and it is one of the easiest online casino games. It is even easier than the traditional Sic Bo that we are familiar with. In other words, the physical Sic Bo that has been a traditional game is usually played during Thai traditional events, such as religious ceremonies, weddings, or funerals and it requires all players to physically attend the game which risks their lives for law violation.

Moreover, Sic Bo was also found to be widely played in China. Thus, the online Sic Bo format is widely popular and played among new generation too. So, today we are going to learn more about online casino Sic Bo in the following paragraphs.


How to Play Online Sic Bo at 755m Royal Casino

The main rule of Sic Bo is to randomly guess results from the dices. There are three dices in total and each of which features six faces from 1-6. Players need to guess 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 from the three dices, which make a variety of betting options, such as Single Dice Bet, Big-Small, Odd-Even, Any Triple, and many more. All you need to do is to place a bet on the desired number before the time runs out, and wait to win Sic Bo, which brings a huge profit ever as the highest win will pay that ranges from 150-208 per 1 credit.


Place a Bet on 755m Mobile Sic Bo 24/7 

Sic Bo mobile betting can be enjoyed 24/7 on mobile devices and can be easily accessed through the application on your mobile phone, both Sic Bo Android and Sic Bo iOS. With an easy way to play and a very easy betting system, 755m.com is the best online gambling website for you to comfortably play it whenever and wherever you want. Therefore, please sign-up and follow any updates on our website and application! We are waiting to welcome and make you to become the next millionaire.



If you are interested to play and would like to learn more about online Sic Bo or other online casino games, you can find it out on the 755m.com website with a simple registration steps to start your destiny to earn huge winnings. The website provides the gambling service in both the PC version and on mobile. If you have any inquiries or problems, please feel free to contact the customer service 24/7!