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Terms of Use



1.1. By opening an account, player hereby reviewed and agreed terms and conditions upon sign up.1.2. You must be at least 18 years old and above, applicable under legal gambling laws within your country.1.3. Only per person, 1 ID per household, 1 ID per IP Address/country of origin is allowed to create the 755m account. Use of multiple accounts or involvement in a group account will result to ban exclusion from the 755m Services.1.4. The 755m has the right to forfeit and suspend accounts for any unusual behavior such as false information, stolen identity, bonus abuse.1.5. The 755m requires identity verification from the players upon sign up such as government identification and bank statements. It is the players responsibility to provide correct documents. Falsification of identity is considered fraud and criminal offense within your country of jurisdiction.


2.1. Deposits

Players can make a deposit through bank transfer. The 755m have partnered with different payment methods for secure seamless payment Bank transfer transactions.Players encountering technical issues on deposit can chat our 24/7 customer support. Missing deposit transactions is not the responsibility of the 755m. Therefore we can only do our best to contact our 3rd party payment providers.

2.2. Promotion

2.2.1. The 755m promotions are special offer provided to our players for the sole purpose of fun play. Consistently seeking promotions for bonus abuse is not allowed. The 755m has the right to retrieve the bonuses and cancelled player’s account on receiving bonuses.2.2.2. For intentional and explicit gain, the 755m has the right to immediately refund bonuses and winnings without notice.2.2.3. Promotions being held Only 1 time / 1 ID / 1 family is eligible which must be registered with correct information such as email / phone number / deposit-withdrawal account (such as debit or credit card etc.) / IP Address / computer, whether It is the same computer that is used in schools, public libraries, or offices. If it is checked for violations of the rules, the 755m has the right to retrieve bonuses from those players or groups.2.2.4. The 755m has rights to change. Terms and conditions Including canceling, modifying and suspending promotions at any time.

2.3. Bonuses

2.3.1. Bonuses from all promotions cannot be transferred to other accounts. The decision of the 755m team is entirely exclusive. It is the players responsibility to read the 755m terms and conditions for every promotions and bonus accepted.2.3.2. The bonus balance in the wallet cannot be withdrawn and player has to meet the overall wagering requirements first.2.3.3. The 755m special promotions with manual bonuses generated by our system must be accepted by the player first before it can be used.2.3.4. Players can only receive 1 bonus at a time or per promo and must meet the wagering requirements of the promo.2.3.5. The bonus is limited to a minimum of 30 baht. If below the specified threshold The team will not be able to adjust any bonuses into the players accounts.2.3.6. In case of canceling or removing the bonus due to not being able to fulfill the turnover requirements, the bonus amount received and all winnings that occur will be drawn back.2.3.7. Before allowing withdrawals from the 755m accounts, the bonuses and winnings mentioned above will calculate the amount of the first bet placed after receiving the bonus.2.3.8. In order to receive the bonus, players must provide information current address complete and accurate. Please refer to our site registration guidelines.

2.4. Wagering Requirements

2.4.1. The 755m team will only consider turnover or cumulative wagering from bets with the only winning or losing bets.2.4.2. The amount used for the rebate bonus type and bets that do not result in winning or losing will not be counted as part of receiving the bonus. And not counted as Turnover amount / accumulated bet amount.2.4.3. Turnover amount / bonus wagering requirements will be counted only when starting to bet after receiving the bonus adjustment.

2.5. Withdrawals

2.5.1. Withdrawals must be made by the turnover 1x of the deposit amount and must complete the wagering requirements of every promotion.2.5.2. If withdrawing money first without having to complete the turnover conditions. The 755m has the right to refuse player withdrawals.

3. The 755m Security, Accountability and User Agreement

3.1. Occasionally considered players may be asked to show an ID card which must be done within the time limit. Failure to comply with the 755m terms will be considered as a player waiving any rights by default.3.2. In doing advertising promotions on behalf of the 755m you will not receive compensation. And do not bring any lawsuits against the 755m in this matter.3.3. Players are given intellectual property rights caused by what players have created to participate in the 755m activities, and if a request is made for players to take action or to provide proof of ownership to 755m, players will do it willingly.3.4. Employees and relatives including allies or those involved with the 755m are not eligible to participate in activities and promotions that the company has organized. The definition of "relatives" include spouses, partners, parents, grandparents, children or grandchildren. This policy is effective for those who have worked or worked for the 755m during the sixth period (6 ) last month from the date of termination document mentioned (This includes alliances that have previously worked with 755m).3.5. To participate in the promotion, all participants are considered to agree to apologize and discriminate against the 755m and the company's attorneys with their partners and their clients. With agencies and staff working for agencies, with the director, the employee, and the agency under any circumstances.3.6. The 755m has the right to take any action if it is found that someone violates the terms and conditions. As per the discretion of the team.3.7. The decision regarding the 755m promotion, participation or reward and bonuses is final and cannot be negotiated.3.8. Players must rely on the decision of the 755m only and it is considered final.3.9. In the event of a dispute, all information is confidential. It is not possible to share the story with third parties regardless of the type of presentation.3.10. All players participating in the 755m activities and promotions are considered to agree to the terms and are ready to comply with all conditions.
**Definition of interpretation resulting from translation into Thai, including promotional terms and conditions. There is a difference between the English version. Please refer to the English version for reference as final clause.